Your email address will not be published. New VANOS solenoids. Unfortunately more and more BMW’s are running into issues relating to the timing chain. Check engine lights, rough running, misfires, entire banks of cylinders going dead, and even catastrophic engine failure. The symptoms of bad spark plugs are slow cold starts, misfires, and rough idling. But, the real issue and cause of the stretch might be an owner stretching a dollar when it comes to oil changes. Fortunately, BMW is fully aware of this issue. MR CARTOOL 6PCS Camshaft Chain Locking Alignment Tool Kit Engine Timing Tool Fit for BMW N63 S63 N74 Vanos V8 X6M M-Series 550i 750i 760i $68.99 $ 68 . Tue:  8AM – 6PM BMW says “the timing chains on the N63 have been found to stretch and wear out prematurely, resulting in premature valvetrain wear and reduced engine performance.” In order to identify the issue, techs need to perform a test procedure to determine if the timing chain has stretched on that particular engine. In this article: BMW, Stretch Belts, timing belt. The timing chain is comprised of a series of links in the chain – similar to those found on a bicycle chain. Corrective action: BMW has come up with a test procedure to determine timing chain wear. New Cam position sensors and new MAF sensors. N63 Problem #4: Timing Chain Stretch There are two timing chains on the N63 - one for each cylinder bank. Advertisement. #102 BMW 5.0i Timing chain problems on the N63 4.4 turbo engine. Timing chains include links that mesh with the gears at the top and bottom of the engine. Sat:    8AM – 12PM It usually makes sense to replace these at the same time as the spark plugs. Although all of these engines have been derived from the M60 engine from 1993, the N63 engine design is a departure from the original design. This impacted just about every BMW with the N63 engine, the twin-turbocharged, 4.4-liter V8 used in every 5, 6, 7, X5 and X6 model with a name ending with “50i” made between 2008 and 2013. Wed: 8AM – 6PM If you need a BMW Mechanic because you think your vehicle’s issue might be BMW 5.0i Timing chain problems, we can help you out! The N63 is BMW's first V8 engine to use direct injection. ... which are driven by a timing chain. We are located in Naperville Illinois, off the route 59 exit of I88, next to Top Golf. Advertisement. There is a big risk best avoid cars with the 177 bhp N47 from 2006-2009 (or 2010, cant remember). BMW F10 550i N63 4.4L Timing Chain Parts. The links move on the toothed sprockets which are located on the ends of the crankshaft and camshaft and are responsible for opening and closing valves in the cylinder head and moving pistons and connecting rods in the combustion chamber. In N63 equipped vehicles, the premature battery failure occurs, in part, due to the fact that the engine fans run up to 10-15 minutes after the engine has turned off in order to adequately cool the engine. Bolt for Timing Chain Sprocket - Intake/Exhaust Camshaft (10 X 1 X 80 mm) Brand: ES#: 254087. In 2012, a "Technical Update" was applied to the N63, resulting in the N63TU variants (also known as N63B44O1). BMW says “the timing chains on the N63 have been found to stretch and wear out prematurely, resulting in premature valvetrain wear and reduced engine performance.”. The N63/S63 uses a bore of 89 mm (3.50 in) and a stroke of 88.3 mm (3.48 in) (except for the Chinese market 4.0 litre variant). Our experience and training have us well equipped to diagnosis and fully repair the issue for on average 40% less cost than the dealerships. Expensive engine diagnostics follow only to lead you to timing chain guides broken, chains jumping teeth, bent valves or even broken pistons.