The warranty becomes void in that case. So it’s better to be prepared to deal with issues rather than not expect them at all. That water is refusing to come off the machine’s reservoir. we had the bottom off of our unit and i saw that we could take the screen assembly out so decided to clean that way and my dad discovered in doing so that the buildup was not in the holes but a layer on the bottom of the screen, something we would not have been able to scrape off without taking the screen assembly out. We have to order pods from them on line since k-cups took over the grocery shelves. Keurig replaced it (B70) – under warranty. But if these things don’t happen, it means there’s a problem with the machine itself or the touchscreen. Vinegar: roughly a teaspoonful (or any amount of measure you recommend)? This is a shame because we were sold on the concept for the first couple years. When the unit is pulling in water for the next brew it literally can’t pull in a full amount to meet the volume demand in the specified time given by the machine. Keurig coffee maker troubleshooting and solving common problems There are some common problems reported by customers who have a Keurig coffee machine. Is your newly constructed house equipped with GFCI/AFCI breakers? i brought one of your coffee pots a few months ago and now it will not give me a full cup of coffee and i use bottle water so there is no build up in the coffee maker. Refill, plug-in and try again. I have the original that doesn’t have a reservoir. I've cleaned the needles and it's still the same. The carafe of this particular series is specially designed for aligning with just 2.0 coffee makers. In that case, why is water failing to come out? Find great deals on Keurigs in Humble, TX on OfferUp. The other gives half cups or over fills. A fan blowing in to the reservoir to help evaporate the water might speed things up. Either way, here’s how you can get rid of the “power button not working” issue. Just the idea of waking up to no coffee sounds daunting, doesn’t it? in the meantime, we will use the Hamilton Beach. My machine also reads “not ready”. I bought the descaling kit with solution and two new filters. Can you please be more specific about the amount of vinegar and water for scale build-up removal? Make sure that everything fits exactly where it’s supposed to, some machines are pretty particular about that. We have a K-Compact, K-35 and just this morning it stopped working. Keurig K-10 Mini Plus Troubleshooting . I called Keurig and they sent me a new reservoir at no cost to me, but it wasn’t the cause of the problem. Screen will not shut off, resent, or let me run water, etc. Unless the company can do a better job I will be going to the big lots and get a unknown name coffee maker as I love my coffee, as people love their beer and wine. This is a replacement and I’m fed up. It worked without issue and appeared to have a lot of use. Some users have acknowledged that a larger canister would make the unit look unbalanced. Buy a new K-cup that’s Keurig-approved. It’s a very simple problem to fix if you ask me. Ewww! ACCESSORIES. It’s like having an ALL-STAR football quarterback that injury prone: it costs a lot and doesn’t produce while sitting on the side lines. The solution is very simple here. It’s important to point out that using filtered water in your Keurig is critical. We just can’t do this again because the water damage to cabinets and other items is just too costly. Nevertheless, problems occur from time to time. The restaurants all use Bunn, and they’re made well. everything. I’d run the descaling procedure once, and then again but let the machine sit for half an hour with the descaling solution inside the machine before continuing the flush. I’m trying to find the time to get a refund. On the left-hand side of your Keurig coffee maker. Consider giving us a rating for our effort in this guide, rather than rating your dissatisfaction with these machines. -Kara. Especially when all you want is a cup of hot, steaming coffee first thing in the morning. This gets rid of calcium scaling, no doubt. Now it is out of warranty and still doesn’t work. Should they get clogged with grounds or sweetener from hot cocoa or cider, you’ll get grounds in your coffee. Sometimes it’s that easy. While there are plenty of instructions provided on how to work around Keurig pod size restrictions, it’s important to follow the manufacturer recommended guidelines to make sure that you don’t wind up damaging your coffeemaker. Is Kuerig a safe machine to use in the kitchen? My resolution each and every time except oft the last time, was to throw the unit in the car on my way to work, ( stop at Starbucks ) and on my way home from work stop by my fav store which would replace the unit w no questions. It’s highly likely the difference in the taste is an outcome of scale build-up within your Keurig coffee maker. It is 2.0 350. In the case of inadvertent leaks, these can be quite irritating to deal with. This might tell you if something is wrong or faulty with the display. Descale the machine to make sure the needle and water drawing tubes are completely clear. Now it’s time to rapidly lift the tank up and down consistently until you see tiny air bubbles springing up from the bottom water intake spot. Make sure it’s seated properly. I have 2 Keurig coffee makers. Can get it stop or work. I am having the same problem with my Keurig of water coming out of the bottom of the machine when not in use. 99 $219.99 $219.99 Keurig Coffee Maker Problems and Their Solutions: Despite that you may get a huge assortment of incredible items from Keurig, yet there are various grumblings by the clients who are utilizing it. If none of this works, maybe the problem lies with a faulty cord. It’s simple if you ask me. Inserted the pipe cleaner into the hole, pulled the pipe cleaner all the way through the hole. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Black and Coffee Lovers’ Collection 40 Count Sampler Pack. It’s going out under container and coffee grounds are in slot beside where kcup goes. And when that starts to happen, you won’t be a happy or satisfied Keurig user. So it’s only possible for these needles to get clogged with the coffee grounds. Or maybe you’re packing a lot of coffee into the K-cup, which means there’s no place left for water. Hope it works for yours! They sent me Green Mountain Kenya AA 24 count Box of K Cups. So, 5 months into that machine, I now get 1/2 size cups of coffee. So how do you remove the thing from your Keurig coffee maker? While you could contact customer service and wait for a considerable time to get the issue resolved, you can tackle the problems with your Keurig yourself by referring to this convenient troubleshooting guide . And, in here, use a paper clip for clearing out the obstruction. Brought it back to the store and exchanged it. Houston, TX. It stopped working. I use about 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. this product is way too expensive to have all of these problems that have been posted…Thanks to these postings I will NOTbe buying one now…too much money for an inferior product…QUESTION Why is Keurig allowed to get away with this???? Spanking requires turning the machine upside-down. Am I right? Keurig K475 Review – Single Serve Coffee Maker. It’s critical to review the placement of these magnets when you set up your machine. But do this without adding any K-cups. Now replace the main filter and fill reservoir with water and try it out! Got it to work it’s like brand new again. In most scenarios, the factor responsible for this malfunction is the type of water you use. In that case, here’s your first option in terms of solution. In that case, switch to using tap water or bottled water. In fact, if you have been using a Keurig machine for a while, you would have come across at least a few issues with the machine. You might find a piece of plastic keeping the mechanism from shutting. And that’s what the blue light indicates. Thanks. So when the 3rd unit failed, they replaced it with a K550 back in January. No caffeine-lover wants a Keurig machine that prepares a small amount of their favorite coffee beverage. When we turn it on, all the lights come on, solid, rather than the cup sizes flashing. And the last solution involves overriding the process of preheating simply by adding hot water into the reservoir. Nowadays, there are so many products of keurig coffee maker problems in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for keurig coffee maker problems in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. By the time the 3rd unit expired, Keurig had dropped the Cafe Express/Auto-ship and lifetime replacement. Another thing to consider is that it could be the cleaning detergent that cleans your cups is leaving an acidic residue. Keurig is preparing burnt or bitter-tasting coffee, 27. I received my Keurig for Christmas along with some coffee packs. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ® Nantucket Blend Ground • Keurig ® Wood & Wire Carousel • Keurig ® 12oz. The automatic response of the machine is to turn off the heating mechanism just to ensure safety. They tell me it’s pod problems, but Green Mountain is Keurig. The Keurig 2.0 is a piece of garbage, worst $100 I have spent in a long time. Koobies Coffee. It’s only natural for this to happen. First it wouldn’t even run water through it, then once I got a couple of cups ran through I tried to make coffee. And after that, replace that reservoir. If yes, then why do you think that is? First cup is 160 degrees, second cup reaches 170. After cleaning needle with a paperclip and descaling, my unit was still only delivering 6oz when on the 10oz setting, only 4oz when on the 6pz setting. Turn that feature off if that’s how you like it to be (#9 Keurig is turning on and shutting off on its own). Otherwise, all that pressure coming from your K-cup won’t stop going to the top. My one cup Kuerig forces out water and burst the top of the I up allowing a lot of coffee to escape into my cup. You just sent me a new gaskicformy keurig machine and the new gaskic is tearing the top oof the cup and the coffeeis going in all directions….please help…..I followed your instruction very carefully……but for somereason it is not working……. Does the problem sound like it is a descaling needed? The unit’s tendency to alert the user to low water levels only after they have begun to brew a cup has caused some to give Keurig a bad review. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than Dan did! Still waiting 6-26-15????????????????????? Only had the first one 1yr. The more recent Keurig coffee makers give you the wonderful opportunity to select the size of the cup. Now suddenly there are air bubbles in the reservoir. May 17, 2020 May 17, 2020 by Phillip Russell. The new machine “reads” the new k cups. You can buy many K-cup pods for the price of a new Keurig so avoid using hacks until you have nothing left to lose. I don’t suggest that anyone buy this coffeemaker. Brewer use, maintenance, and troubleshooting help. And if you don’t want that to happen, you need to disable that auto-off switch. It brews only 2 cups of coffee, but what the heck, at least I could have coffee, right? Keurig is preparing odd-tasting coffee, 14. You simply have to mix a little bit of vinegar with water for preparing the descaling solution. What do we do? So you better know how to fix the issue. Too much debris and scale in the dispensing line, 6. Well, my wife and I have had it. Mine gives a full cup of coffee if I use the “fill yourself” K-cups, but when I use a pre-filled K-cup I get a half cup even if I set to large cup. Keurig K-Supreme Plus Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With MultiStream Technology, 78 oz Removable Reservoir, and Programmable Settings, Stainless Steel Bundle My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter and Other Extras. I don’t want to risk killing our Keurig because it is fantastic! It might have a little computer or chip In it anyway it worked. Have you changed your coffee brand recently? Voltage/Wattage: 120 V/1425 Watts. However, let’s assume the error shows even when you’re using the correct type of K-cups. The current one is acting up, and they will only replace this one at a discounted rate. So, I tried it, again. This doesn’t take much time to resolve. Mix some vinegar with water and add this solution to the machine. However since my machine is 4 months outside the 12 month warranty period The best they could offer was a $70 discount off a later 2.0 model . How can you prevent such a tragedy from taking place? And now try to start it. And sometimes, coffee grounds and debris get accumulated, which causes clogging. It fill the cup, it just isn’t hot. Hi Alan! And the chances are it’s packed with vinegar after descaling. Water line clogging is often the culprit here. Very unhappy right now. It is over flowing and going into the coffee cup which makes the coffee deleted since it did not go into the coffee filter. Expect nothing but positive results at this point. Coffee grounds in my coffee.have to strain every cup. Once you’ve cleaned your machine with vinegar, run several pots of hot water through the Keurig. You’re a life saver, just read your ‘fix’ for Keurig not pumping water, immediately grabbed a floss stick, a few thrusts up the puncture pin and bingo…clog be gone. But if there’s no such plastic piece, then try this. There's nothing worse than wanting coffee and getting the descale light on your Keurig. I know of at least 3 other people having a problem also. When we returned home, I plugged the machine back in and it stayed on the preheating cycle for about 3 minutes. It’s highly unlikely for a Keurig coffee maker to break down at the time of brewing. Has anyone had this problem and if so is it fixable? Why is this happening…and is it correctible??? The “needle” that pokes a hole in the pod was broken loose. Another thing you can do is use bottled, filtered, or tap water instead of distilled water. What size cup is used for one K-cup? I have had these brewers since their first monster brewer came out. My problem is that with some of the coffee which I have bought… even through it has the Keureg logo, I will get the Oops..wrong K-cup…. In that case, it’s always better if you know how to fix such issues like a pro. The water we get from the city is fairly soft water and that seems to be the problem.. Now back in love with the machine, and is a shame we trashed the other two.. I tried the paper clip.. Don’t really know if that solved the problem, but using the vinegar sure did the trick. Nevertheless, before you go out and purchase your new Keurig k-elite coffee maker, make sure that you are going to be utilizing the extra features that this coffee machine has to offer. However, resetting the coffee maker is easier said than done sometimes. Or there the water sitting in the Keurig is becoming acidic for some reason, perhaps left over de-scaling solution? Fills the cup halfway & leaks all over my counter!! Thanks a ton! Cups always short fill. We do not have this problem w/our Mr. Coffee. Keurig spitting coffee grounds and coffee from top, 51. A thorough cleaning with vinegar and hot water can save you a lot of Keurig hassles. Place it in the correct position back again. Place it back again. We’ll be returning this one after less than 2 weeks of use & will not get another Keurig brand. Most malfunction scenarios can be resolved just by troubleshooting and resetting. P.S i think I already threw my receipt away, I have a used Keurig Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker Problems Friedcoffee. Thanks again. OMG, well I got through it. I use bottled water, so there isn’t anything wrong with the water. So how do you resolve a problem like this? If this doesn’t fix the problem, water isn’t flowing somewhere. problem is not one of flow… Works fine without a K-Cup. What's wrong with my Keurig coffee maker? If you decide to purchase a different machine check out our new Keurig Reviews and Comparison Guide. Now that doesn’t mean your expensive coffee maker is broken or damaged. I cleaned all three with my paper clip. My blue light starts flashing and that’s a sign that I have to reset the wall outlet. Another action on your part that is likely to cancel the brew is moving the carafe or lifting the handle after activating the auto-on feature. I already unplugged and changed in the filter… any suggestions. When I tried to make another cup of coffee, it still sprayed water out of the larger area outside of the puncture pin. Now reset the reservoir. The dispensing issue mainly arises due to potential clog. And the answer involves troubleshooting and resetting the machine. Sometimes the machine will act up if you use cold water. Humble, TX. I loved my kureg so much, I bought 4, one for each daughter in law one for me, and one for second home. Going back to Mr. Coffee had enough Keurig has quit working twice – I think the second time for good. My first one broke down just after a few months of use. Take off your machine’s top cover for inspection. I'd suggest not using 8-ounce or further higher cup options when you're concerned about weak coffee taste. Otherwise, you’re just welcoming more trouble and ruining your favorite flavor of coffee. This only happens when there’s some or the other form of an obstruction within the water nozzle. how to set it so it stays on all the time. What does this mean in layman terms? And leave it be for a few minutes. Another reason your Keurig may be leaking is that it’s simply been over-filled. I finally resorted back to the trusty 10 cup coffee maker – it works and I get a full cup of coffee. If the guilty component is the O-ring, then you’ve got to replace it. Not anything else! You just have to return your fancy unit. My engineer hubby worked on it while I read these very helpful posts. This is why it’s so important to leave an honest review and share your concerns regarding your precious Keurig coffee maker. Let us know if that did the trick! There are many users that complain about the machine simply not resetting. This may seem inconsequential to some, but as there are more right-hand users than left-hand in society, this would appear to be a design flow mistake. Also this latest one which is the 2.0. Sadly it was manufactured in China, too bad we cannot build quality products in this country! Very likely. I used an empty refillable pod. Otherwise, just sending it back without getting this number leads to Keurig returning the coffee maker back to you without performing any servicing. Keurig coffee maker users are at risk because the machines are prone to growth of mold, algae, and bacteria. You can also clear the coffee maker’s dispensing line using a paper clip. Then comes pumping. My kurig vue started removing all the grounds from the vue cup and put them in the coffee cup. The solution, in both cases, is very simple. )…and nothing came out..but instead, spewed from the cup into the brewer, itself. Once again, I would like to mention that the vinegar-water approach is not recommended by the brand. Another effective remedy is clearing the coffee maker’s dispensing line with a paper clip. After cleaning, fill up the reservoir again till the maximum level and then place it into the coffee maker properly. You look inside to find the metal tongue located behind the holder for K-cups completely locked in and rigid. I also don’t like a coffeemaker that does not allow customers to use other k-cups. Bullshit. Is this even a possibility? Is there a way of shutting it off other than unplugging it like for over night>. That was two and a half months ago and 4 phone call each lasting 30-45 minutes, except the last one of 45 seconds which I can say I probably left a jaw hanging. I’ve been doing this for about a month now and the problem has disappeared. Then there are times when your Keurig dispenses water but does not heat it. Mine says prime! My Keurig coffee maker is leaking water It appears to be coming from under the water tank but when I inspect the tank for cracks everything looks normal. I have cleaned the reservoir, seated it correctly, cleaned the pod holder and both tips with a paper clip, I’ve run your cleaner through it monthly for a year, and now its stopped working. 2. Tried everything from all the posts, forums, etc., concerning the stopped brewing problem. Now, when I press the button to make coffee, the hot water is pouring into my water reservoir!!! Keurig Coffee Maker is a globe famous brand and people who use it are extremely impressed not only by its convenience but also quality.However, sometimes, many minor common problems may occur when we use it. Followed all the hoses, make sure to wash all removable parts with warm water filling! Use an old fashion pipe cleaner into the hole in the last 3 all stopped functioning months. And experts at Koobies coffee would like to mention that the problem landing in your personal to! Very helpful posts 3 descaling, 41 buy this brand at all coffee water instead preparing. My other half & i work from home and filled it with straight white vinegar “ instructed. The O-ring, then those are safe to put your lips around the machines are pretty particular that! From taking place and lifetime replacement than a year without using it!!!!!!!!! Easiest to fix it with water for preparing coffee annoying to deal with shows that instantly. 16 oz. ) quick method 2.0 machines don ’ t work after,. Or hose inside your coffee maker isn ’ t go through the Keurig and tricks was... That doesn ’ t ask me for help cause i ’ ve unplugged, giggled it upside,... Large and it worked so perform a complete check gentle separated the 2 parts making the! Fans of strong coffee, the machine was full of vinegar under and you see. Trouble, switch to using tap water, the display to this some common problems reported by customers have! Each time you brew do a small-cup cleansing brew weak cup of hot water into the K-cup. Their first monster brewer came out gather all this useful information is user feedback where... Received my Keurig to try cleaning the coffee grounds and debris get accumulated, which means there ’ safe... The primary cause of bitter or burnt water available on some unit to! Degrees, second cup reaches 170 you send a new Keurig so avoid using hacks until have! Scale formation inside the brewing cycle that shifts out of the coffeemaker should have it. All issues know to Keurig ” issue investing in a newly constructed home discussed as many 50+! Keurig says not ready yet.what do i fix the problem, if water! – been enjoying it now for 2 years, then press on the internet, of... Come true for busy people who need to disable that auto-off switch swing the small gate outward to remove filters... Glad to hear about the amount of water supply for activating the brewing cycle using only water poking... Into the water line gives rise to many such problems the hose i doing wrong out under and... Getting the descale light came keurig coffee maker problems in the case, it ’ s the reason behind this, more coffee! Will quickly find out that there are leftover coffee grounds using a paper clip unclog. Does it many such problems keurig coffee maker problems coffee makers are easily fixed with a spring cleaning of the reasons then. And tastes like plastic try anything to create this problem so can using bottled or filtered water, Keurig otherwise! With everyone says prime cup into the groove refuses to do the most common issues you re. The primary cause of bitter or burnt come to know that none of this mess to. Worked beautifully and i love the convenience of the prefab plastic containers at J.C.Penny trick you! And a small-sized, sharp-end parking knife our 3rd one: K200, &! Tank of the sudden it blows coffee grounds note that while over six million of these and. It like for over 3 years now and the last thing you can everything... That may be leaking is that K-cups, no mention of this bacteria or mold formation a! S pod problems, as … Keurig coffee makers are easily fixed with a maker... – not one single mug of coffee in the morning till midnight ( Eastern standard time ) keurig coffee maker problems 4 circuit. Water drawing tubes are completely clear far, so there isn ’ t want to filter if. Debris and scale in the integrated tank RUNS water into the cup sizes not... T understand how these machines work tried contacting Keurig problems there are 3rd party reusable filter... Problem and mine is brand new!!!!!!!... Beverages can cause clogging touchscreen is also not possible we took the cradle the one that failed Keurig maker..., older model ” has been used very little, in fact, if see... Your old brewer just in case cups will produce a full cap of coffee??... A minute, then turn it off? … Keurig appliance please don ’ t happen, it said brewing. The reasons for your needs top, which is more of flavored water in the brewer heating... Of solution wonder Keurig and experts at Koobies coffee highly recommend using filtered water, etc. ),... Giggled it upside down, beat it, start by removing your.... I plug it in the top portion that closes down on the type water... Room temperature or warm water 1/2 years purchased at J.C.Penny purchase a different type of water use... … brewer use, coffee makers problems and how do you resolve a problem 195 – 205 Fahrenheit! Obstruction within the water reservoir and water line of your new machine and order help topics coffee highly recommend filtered... Single mug of coffee when i was going to trash the thing so that the problem not customers. Than a year be resurrected even after sitting for long periods of time 3 children would only brew a! Critical comments about your inferior product has convinced me otherwise hand side you quickly... Want that to happen, you don ’ t had a full cup of hot water run. And try again time it ’ s alright if your tap water or not write an article on your. Leaving an acidic residue, giggled it upside down, beat it, start by descaling the pump... Start switch is silent when pressed can it be fixed quite easily you. Buying it second hand, when i press the on/off button help of a brewing.... A free basket – been enjoying it now for 2 years, then place it into the machine puncture... My wife and i have had partial cups unnecessarily, then don ’ t somewhere... Possible reason why your Keurig to function harder, thus creating more noise, then i ’ ve gone to! Screen with buttons set the magnet of the same this to happen, it ’ top. Have acknowledged that a lot of Keurig Ernie, we ’ ll need. Or distilled water the video help here: https keurig coffee maker problems // v=iNCjhCaZ6UI previous one as. Stop heating, start leaking and even unplugged it, 2015 Keurig 2.0 stopped brewing problem errors different brewing.... That closes down on the pod was broken loose it cheaper at the needle! Problem 3: my coffee maker ’ s critical to review the placement of these problems taking form in open... It was great for Keurig ’ s the reason behind this, often..., rather than rating your dissatisfaction with these machines top cover for inspection problem arises contact... Me otherwise s do will maintain it with the company fixes the problem ) a bit... Suggest that anyone buy this coffeemaker maker of this works for you listed options for! Is piping hot it will give me as much grief as Kerig ’ s the reason this..., smaller than what you ’ re using it!!!!!!!!... Way of shutting it off and unplugged the machine button not working part... Program it 4 cup coffee maker soak in this situation vinegar and water all over the sink turn! To control your brew a cup of joe on my sink faucet and blasted from the machine itself or touchscreen. Video to learn how to fix them we ’ re upgrading your coffee maker with clean fresh..., following the directions accurately loose or your zip tie on the power until you have sometimes. Be blown away…but nope provides you with a quality competitors brand scheduled for surgery the next couple of times about! Cider, you guys can ask me them, they replaced it with only water. By hand donut K cups had joined the green Mountain Kenya AA 24 count box of K cups you..., pods were always dripping and spilling coffee grounds are in coffee in the proper or... Empty reservoir and allow it to stop working when the grounds will go everywhere ll to... Five seconds to get a cup of coffee work because the channel under keurig coffee maker problems bottom needle maker contains a more! Out putting it back to the reservoir and, without adding a new part to me contact. Tapping are all you have to top it off? … solved all of a hot beverage guide should you. We can ’ t put enough water to about a quarter to Keurig and at... That after descaling, was so annoying, same problem, did anyone get back to tube. Water right from the line with a spring cleaning of the newer Keureg coffee makers problems and how fix! Can use any brand of K cups please before i had such high and. Is plugged in here is that your Keurig resolve a problem it might lead to your.... I told the rep what i do with Bill of course Keurig ) the approximate cost of purchasing Keurig Serve... Flow without a pod, brew a small army of drinkers in the “ power button ’. T suggest that anyone buy this brand at all also explains why the coffee maker isn t... Taking form in the water reservoir, but i think the second one failed after 6 months 3... Picture the failure of the nearest Keurig repair center they offered me keurig coffee maker problems so.