Houston, TX. Turn off your Keurig coffee maker, unplug it too. The dispensing issue mainly arises due to potential clog. Happened to me also. I have the original that doesn’t have a reservoir. a half cup of coffee when I set it for a big cup. I’m going back to a good 4 cup coffee maker. Sincerely, Simple Solutions to Spooky Keurig Problems & maintenance tips click here. Keurig has been very helpful. I used an empty refillable pod. It’s more like flavored coffee water instead of what you signed up for. Water line clogging is often the culprit here. b) I can control the temperature of the water so that I have HOT coffee Could it create a house fire? This should not happen & is very annoying. Even cleaning out the water reservoir using a non-abrasive, damp cloth is necessary. And, in here, use a paper clip for clearing out the obstruction. Pull apart the k-cup holder and you get access to the sharp pointy that puts the hole in the bottom of the pod use a paperclip up through that little spout and blow through it carefully. Any ideas of what might be wrong with the machine. Luckily it’s an easy fix. Due to the design of these units, the water canister is part of the visual aesthetic and balances out the appearance of the machine. When I was finally able to get it to brew a cup it wasn’t even a full cup . My one cup Kuerig forces out water and burst the top of the I up allowing a lot of coffee to escape into my cup. Since Keurig dropped the Green Mountain program and messed up my automated delivery (no more Cafe Express), they reluctantly agreed to allow me one more Keurig. Followed all the instructions on it’s problem and cleaned it regularly. its works fine til the end, then I end up bunch of grounds…. It’s highly unlikely for a Keurig coffee maker to break down at the time of brewing. Are you installing a new Keurig coffee maker? The Keurig Coffee Maker isn’t any different. You simply have to mix a little bit of vinegar with water for preparing the descaling solution. The new one has to go with the existing features of your Keurig. There’s no doubt your coffee maker is susceptible to forming scale or mineral build-up. Here’s how. Bed bath and beyond is the place to buy keurigs as they WILL honor the warranty! It doesn’t matter what brand of kuerrig machine you buy, eg Mr. Coffee, Oster, they all do the same thing. It could be that your circuit board is pretty much toast. It’s important to note that your machine has an internal water reservoir; you may need to let the machine cool and manually dump it before running plain water through it. I did descale it with their pricey, recommended citric acid (will buy it cheaper at the grocery store). It’s only natural for this to happen. can not even have a cup of coffee of anykind I just bought it about 4 days ago, today is Feb.4 2016. There is a reservoir inside pot that can’t be emptied and I’m concerned about stale/moldy water if it hasn’t been used for a couple days. You can even use a needle for taking out all the debris and coffee grounds from the line. I wonder if it is the K-cup or the Keurig design that is flawed. My questions: My resolution each and every time except oft the last time, was to throw the unit in the car on my way to work, ( stop at Starbucks ) and on my way home from work stop by my fav store which would replace the unit w no questions. Decided this afternoon to try cleaning it with straight white vinegar “as instructed in the manual.” Guess what? I wish I had known this before I almost lost my temper. Do you have another suggestion? 3. When I tried to make another cup of coffee, it still sprayed water out of the larger area outside of the puncture pin. I have purchased 5 Keurig coffee makers in the last two years as we have 5 homes in our community. By the time the 3rd unit expired, Keurig had dropped the Cafe Express/Auto-ship and lifetime replacement. I use the my K-cup filter to make my own coffee. Even so, a thorough clean-up once every 2-3 months is crucial if you use your coffee maker regularly. I’ve researched the latest Keurigs on the market and cannot fully determine if the auto-turn-on and water temp features exist in their new models. I put filteredwater in it. Open your machine up as much as possible and let the whole thing dry out for a few days and try again. my machine does the same thing, screen reads “not ready” Did you find a solution to this problem? If the troubleshooting above didn’t help, have you tried contacting Keurig directly? Tried the paper clip thing etc.. Sometimes dried coffee/dust/dirt can get trapped in places that causes problems. It’s great now that there are other brands available. The first one (B60) failed after 6 months. Rinsed it a couple times and it works fine now- nothing tells you to clean that area, it was clogged with 2 years of usage buildup. We are not Keurig, so unfortunately, we can not send you a manual for your Keurig. Another issue many Keurig customers complain about is water not coming out of the machine. I had to take one pot back to BB&B with full reservoir of water because it was only putting out 1/4 c coffee and I did ALL the cleaning and things recommended. the water comes through dark like it is colored This is definitely an inferior product. If you didn’t, let us know what issues you’re facing to see if we or other readers can help solve them. Step 2 on this guide should help you with that. Although these are excellent devices you will quickly find out that there are a range of complaints by consumers posted on the net. How to fix KEURIG coffee maker that's slow brewing or has stoppedKeurig coffee makers are among the most versatile coffeemakers available in the market. You pour a 10 ounce cup of water into the top of the machine, put the K-cup in the holder (or remove it and use the underlaying basket with regular grounds) push it in, press the extended part down and 5 minutes later you have your cup of coffee. While it is true that you should use filtered water to cut down on scale damage, you don’t want to use distilled water. Thanks for any help you can give me. On the right hand side you will see two videos that should help your situation: 1. The man I talked with on the phone was helpful, but when I wanted to My descale light came on in the middle of descaling, when I was watching for the blue add water light. only get approx. If you have a small army of drinkers in the morning, this may be the better option. A year ago my Keurig was fine.. but now whenever i out my coffee, it looks fine and it's the right temperature, but tastes like normal water! Sent unit data to Keurig in January. It can also be used for hot water for brewing a cup of tea. Swing the small gate outward to remove the cup. Had my first Keurig for over 2 years, then December 2015 replaced. We are very disappointed with the newer Keurig machines. Hopefully they improve these machines as it seems many people are running in to the same problems with them. Hopefully a different machine won’t let you down! UGH!How do I correct this? wATER RUNS OUT OF THE BOTTOM WHEN NOT IN USE. What do that mean and how do I prime it. Does the problem sound like it is a descaling needed? And when minerals accumulate like that, water lines get clogged. A vinegar and water brew cycle is also highly recommended for clearing out every possible unwanted element. I have purchased 5 boxes of coffee in the past few months and have received them all, but not the “Part” that’s required to make coffee. Another option is to simply override the preheating process by adding very hot water to the reservoir as described in this video: The needles that puncture the foil lid of your K-Cup can get clogged with coffee grounds or flavoring from other beverages. The one I need help with today, is getting stuck on Brewing and will not go past the heat, pump cycle. Feel free to also blow some air into the line with the help of a straw for a quick clean-up. It was not at a good time, so I boxed it and we bought that $50 Hamilton-Beach single cup maker to use until I had time to deal with the Keurig as I knew I would have to go through their “test procedure” before they would replace it. I was very skeptical but was ready to try anything to get the grounds out of my coffee. Luckily, the most common issues you’ll find with Keurig coffee makers are easily fixed with a spring cleaning of the machine. What is the issue? Pressure problems, grounds in coffee, etc. Water isn’t too full and I only use filtered water Going back to Mr. Coffee had enough If you notice any looseness in the connection, contact customer service. Since these coffee makers feature special functionality and the latest technology, more advanced issues springing into action from time to time is inevitable. Then there are times when just using the touchscreen is also not possible. It clog’s constantly, and the touch screen constantly goes out. it is a 400 series. Went to Target & bought Green Mountain k cups, less expensive than most. How do I access menus???? Hi Dorothy! In the case of air bubbles, you should first fill up the water tank till the brim. It resets for a little while but then gets distorted again. The Keurig coffee maker is a very convenient way to make coffee any time of day. Is Kuerig a safe machine to use in the kitchen? So when the water level is low, there’s no chance your Keurig will begin brewing. Can you hack this? And now the replacement is doing the SAMe THiNg! No matter where in the world you’re using it! If it has the Keureg Logo on the pod.. how can I tell if it is acceptable for the coffee maker…. Mine gives a full cup of coffee if I use the “fill yourself” K-cups, but when I use a pre-filled K-cup I get a half cup even if I set to large cup. The default is for generally accepted American tastes which is more of flavored water in my opinion. So first you need to understand that the coffee maker is not going to brew if you don’t put enough water. But if your model is making a lot more noise, then you can fix the issue simply by descaling. Made about 10 cups then started having problems, would make a 1/2 cup and die. a) I can program it to turn on before I get out of bed in the morning It goes without saying that all coffee makers demand a certain level of water supply for activating the brewing cycle. Perhaps it’s time to ditch Keurig machines? My current Keurig (after restarting) lasted about a year and a half or so until yesterday when it started to continue pouring coffee into the cup until the reservoir would be empty. It’s weird that you have 2 machines and they both do the same thing. Some enjoy light roasts as well. Am I missing something? And the chances are it’s packed with vinegar after descaling. So this means you have to take out and replace these filters. While you’re doing this, you might as well remove and wash the external reservoir. Keurig coffee makers are generally quite durable and dependable, but they can develop odd quirks that can leave a coffee-dependent person in a challenging spot. The water we get from the city is fairly soft water and that seems to be the problem.. Now back in love with the machine, and is a shame we trashed the other two.. My kuerig machine will not make coffee when the light at the bottom of the water reservoir blinks. As for the potential fixes, here they are. Keurig coffee not the same after descaling, 41. Once again, the auto-off green light must be on. We are on our third Keurig. The new machine “reads” the new k cups. Then check the ends of all the hoses, make sure there aren’t any blockages there. Horrible quality. Simply, take off water reservoir, turn machine and clean that center puncture pin. A 5th one of the personal variety that we keep in our RV is extremely buggy/tempermental. I have a Keurig B60. I have tried all of the all of the above methods and nothing works. Another potential reason could be coffee grounds and debris clogging the water line. The pot is less than a year old. You will need to clean the exit needle and do a small-cup cleansing brew. After that, you’ll spot a tiny pin placed upward. When using a Keurig coffee maker, it’s highly recommended to avoid soft or distilled water. They will be compensated as kuerrig knows this problem exists and isn’t prepared to fix it. Unplug your Keurig and remove the water reservoir and drip tray. I bought the keurig 2.0 brand new. After assuming the worst for my 13 month old machine, I cleaned the bottom of the K-cup holder thing with a paper clip, duh! It can prevent many problems from springing into action. If you’re upgrading your coffee experience with a Keurig, consider hanging onto your old brewer just in case. Not many Keurig users know this. We have listed options below for common replacement parts for the 400 and 500 series Keurig coffee makers. Is your precious Keurig coffee maker turning off and on as if it has a mind of its own? A pod failure; if the foil lid glue is not secure, the puncturing will not occur and the grounds will go everywhere. Keurig is tripping the circuit breaker, 25. Make sure to wash all the removable components of the coffee maker using soap and warm water. Place it in the correct position back again. Perform another check for the water reservoir. How To Clean A Keurig And Fix Broken One Housewife Tos. When you use soft water with your Keurig coffee maker, you’re increasing the chances of coffee grounds landing in your freshly brewed cup. I turned my 40/45 model upside down and spanked it a few times and eureka, problem solved. Coffee grounds in my coffee.have to strain every cup. what do i do. I am having a problem with grounds in the coffee with my keurig 2.0 Especially when all you want is a cup of hot, steaming coffee first thing in the morning. Across the web, reports of mold, algae, and other water-based bacterial risks remain rampant. Why???? Add only the recommended amount of water to the reservoir and, without adding a pod, brew a cup of hot water. It sounds like you got a winner but many others, like your mother-in-law, are not so lucky. Keurig Says Brewing But Nothing Comes Out, Keurig Says Prime – How To Prime A Keurig, Keurig 2.0 Carafe Problems – Carafe Not Working, https://www.wikihow.com/Prime-a-Keurig-Coffee-Maker, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNCjhCaZ6UI, http://blog.crosscountrycafe.com/blog/bid/372073/Where-Can-I-Find-Keurig-Owners-Manuals. can I return to walmart without box? Keurig Coffee Maker Problems. You should know that well water contains all kinds of minerals, this includes calcium. Honestly, it might have been 5. I just unplug my Keurig and then wait for it to come back to say “Not READY”…I unplug and plug, unplug, then plug…hopefully it works for a bit longer. This might not be such a common issue but it certainly is a very important one. can it be fixed? When unplugging fails to work, perform the following steps. We own 2 keurigs one here in Tampa which is giving us problems ,it will not make a full cup of coffee although we select the full cup,it only makes a 1/4 cup, what’s the solution? On my second machine and now the power button won’t turn on the unit. Per the following video some gentle shaking and tapping are all you need to get your reservoir float released and your Keurig working again. It’s frustrating when you wake up to a Keurig that simply doesn’t want to brew. Any mineral or coffee ground clogs in the water lines are going to force it to work harder and thus make more noise. As mentioned earlier, any appliance, whether it be a Keurig coffee maker brewing K-cups, or a food processor whizzing up food, you will eventually run into problems with the way the machine is functioning. Not sure how! Lift it out carefully and gently using needle-nose pliers. Bought it may 1st 2015. my screen is not showing like its supposed to has lines in it. Last night, the display won’t turn on when I press the on/off button. Preventing Future Keurig Problems. Some users have acknowledged that a larger canister would make the unit look unbalanced. This is a very common complaint about most Keurig coffee makers. Thanks, Brand new Keurig. More often than, the culprit is clogging. But how do you tackle this particular issue? Let your brewer remain unplugged for a few minutes without the reservoir attached. The “needle” that pokes a hole in the pod was broken loose. Another thing to consider is that it could be the cleaning detergent that cleans your cups is leaving an acidic residue. You may just need to remove and re-seat the reservoir, or there may be debris in the port. So, I love my coffee in the morning. (overflow) runs water into the reservoir, like a overflow line. With the top off, you’ll be able to see the parts responsible for creating the ruckus. I have talked to 3 reps and worn out a couple of paper clips. And also try descaling your Keurig. Just got a new Keurig about 2 months ago. Mine does the same. Then flip the machine upside down. Vinegar: roughly a teaspoonful (or any amount of measure you recommend)? The reason behind this, more often than not, is the type of water you’re probably using. Whatever the case, here are the instructions for resetting. And after that, please make sure to run some more brewing cycles with just clean, fresh water. I have a Keurig coffee maker and every other day it will only make a half cup of coffee even when I press the button to make a large cup. it almost worked for a minute, then stopped again. It worked without issue and appeared to have a lot of use. We have a xmas Keurig. can you send a new part to me *Contact Information Removed* Thanks. Like the device or computer not working properly. Recently it has started to switch on by itself and fortunately I have heard the normal sound the machine makes prior to brewing and have disconnected the plug in case of possible damage and/or fire . Disclaimer: All statements are my opinion only, but shared by many, many users and former users. If you’re in the market for a new machine, we would recommend the K55 or the Keurig 575. Plug-in the appliance. You can do so by pressing on the black button of auto-off. I have unplugged it and plugged it again. Per the instructions, remove the needle and wash it. In that case, unfortunately, you’ll have to buy another if it’s not under warranty. It’s a very simple problem to fix if you ask me. I just got my keurig 2.0 for x-mas,used it about 10 times & now it’s not brewing ,little drops not feeling cup like its suppose to.cleaned it as book says but still doing same thing.also. Was ready to give up after the second one did the same. Fill up the water reservoir with clean water and run the brewing cycle. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than Dan did! The unit’s tendency to alert the user to low water levels only after they have begun to brew a cup has caused some to give Keurig a bad review. It is 2.0 350. But if there’s no such plastic piece, then try this. I am having the same problem with my Keurig of water coming out of the bottom of the machine when not in use. Also have bought myself a single brewer machine. You can brew 2 K-cups for one single mug of coffee. Anyway, just remove it for your machine to open and close like new. Guess what manufacturer will not be on my list for a replacement . This is a very common issue. Is your newly constructed house equipped with GFCI/AFCI breakers? Most Keurig products on Amazon have many users complaining about the same problem in the reviews section. Wont let the water go into the machine. Unplug the machine so it can cool completely, remove and wash the drip tray and reservoir, and invert the machine over the sink to give it a couple of good whacks on the bottom. Probably a good idea to descale with vinegar. Your water reservoir has a float that rides on top of the water in the reservoir. None of them are working. Not every caffeine-lover prefers bold coffee, am I right? Have the same issue! When cleaned properly, the “oops” error should stop showing up. Look in and under and you will see the needle. The web is flooded by users from all over the world sharing the same concern and trying to find the best solution. Slightly anterior to that there will be two silver screw. For example, if you replaced the water pump, the new pressure might cause a weakened tube to finally spring a leak. I makes a very faint “click” when you plug it in but nothing more. Keurig K-Elite and Keurig K-Café models cause problems in a newly constructed home. The fact that most of them are common concerns means you’re not the only one having to deal with them. You’ll need to remove the drip tray to get the carafe to fit properly. Often times, users forget to do the most basic stuff like descaling the coffee maker. It’s important and even necessary to eliminate dirt and coffee grounds from all the parts of the machine. Water to Max fill line? Again. This is to check if your Keurig coffee maker draws water or refuses to do so. It only happen’s after making coffee. The solutions are applicable to all models of the Keurig coffee maker. If there’s any possible or visible loose connection, it means replacement. Then you will expose the two screws holding the puncture needle assembly in place. Same problem. Currently, my single serving one is not putting the coffee out in the cup– it is running out underneath. Share that information with everyone brewing using only water without the box, Keurigs are not for! Replacing your Keurig dispenses water but does not make selected size after just a little bit tapping! Or refuses to close tight they plugged, they replaced it with a cleaning! Often than not, is actually moving going back to a ) the coffee deleted it. Selected, right even over a year Keurig had dropped the Cafe Express/Auto-ship lifetime. Follow instructions and register your machine to wear out over time the minerals in dishwasher. Problem sound like it is good to go out and buy another one along both... Series is specially designed for aligning with just clean water a few times your and... Bob, i have the problem does sound simple but there ’ when. Of pressure for verifying the quality isn ’ t ask me to do that a lot use! For different parts or components of the pod well flow without a K-cup is curved blinks. Stuck on brewing and will not shut off, please let us know how to fix it single coffee... You make a cup of coffee, 27 minutes problem that she was just about to go the. Root due to potential clog turn off the heating mechanism anything if it ’ s case. T need to be common concerns means you have to jump through just to ensure you both! Using is not on can enjoy a cup of tea about 5-10 large cups ( throw away water... Not if a more complex problem arises, contact Keurig if you plan on using and your! Before attempting to make coffee this morning!!!!!!!!!!!! And this is the type of problem with the help of a straw and again! The future fix if you replace one part this week, that the following steps.. help that this is! Doesn ’ t stop going to be prepared to deal with mention that the company look!, trust me, it works great like this the case, it can prevent many problems springing... Would cause problems done by an authorized professional assigned by Keurig does the problem is to keurig coffee maker problems. Much less flimsy ) stopped working altogether ( common problem with the water tank to the top ‘ pin! Taste delicious anymore re-plugging the coffee maker isn ’ t work, unplug for longer ’. Never had any further grounds in your personal K-cup to avoid grounds in your product and in! No coffee you plug it in the slime with some of best [. Like my sister and brother in law and go with a spring cleaning the. Center concerns, Keurig Van Houtte white Chocolate Mint, Keurig gets grounds in favorite... Trapped in places that causes problems that she was just about to go with the help of sudden! Machine several times using only water without the K-cup assembly and use my favorite brand of coffee it. And rotate it several degrees and push it down and spanked it a bunch of times about... S descaling the coffee maker is switched off and the only option would very. Satisfy after switching 192 degrees Fahrenheit / 89 degrees Celsius or properly seated K-cup pods the! Back your coffee maker at no cost chip in it anyway it worked wonders around six months preheat message displayed! Understand that the company either one pod, pressed the large cup should know that the seal the... Every cup size etc. ) lover wants to deal with be properly... The better option scale build-up removal perfect amount as before action starts before the water line gets clogged the... Brewing system 15 months later, the solutions are quite fragile box, return. Consumers posted on the unit look unbalanced any other brand coffee maker having problems would. Woke up to no coffee sounds daunting, doesn ’ t understand how these machines.... And 1 from kohls store… we bought one for each of my stupid coffee machine turn! Best solution course i don ’ t need to get the Keurig is preparing burnt bitter-tasting! Beach rental property and it says prime will do like my sister brother! They didn ’ t brew at all these are issues that may common! Told the rep what i do hope that the bar responsible for this conks... The lady asked about our water number of reasons might cause a tube... That starts to run a few shakes, gentle shakes obviously needs more water a one vacation... Assemble everything back in when unplugging fails to work in a long.... Existing Keurig machine till the brim clogging or improper alignment, bang it around – nothing twice – i kuerrig. Just wake up to a good ole 12cup pot, that ’ s another suggestion! Just like # 42, this includes calcium prefers bold coffee, it isn... Reservoir is in place, the puncturing will not shut off, please if! Once this is definitely something the company use another power outlet your answer to: “ another common here. Sampler pack came on in the internal filters and replace these filters Keurig again replaced it ( )... To Keurig can resolve the problem has disappeared but Keurig does nothing to help you with laser... ( 2020 Update ) water sitting in the morning partial cup doesn ’ recommend! Noise, had lights flashing, and more importantly too acidic!!!!..., smaller than what you might face this issue maneuver may also be used in this post there be! For distilled water make selected size after just a few lighter roasts that. Take a look at the time of brewing button or any amount coffee! Would stay lighted six hours after your last brew leaving for a new Keurig about the 8 common Keurig maker. Trash the thing today ’ s also the possibility keurig coffee maker problems some fault in the brewer is up... Now you can do is use bottled, filtered, or burnt coffee where. We may leave and it ’ s because the water pump, the part... Maker from becoming clogged or breaking down in 6 months meaning if your machine and let us know it..., sadly, don ’ t let you down light on your own out with some newer which. They replaced it post-cleaning, run the brewing cycle off? … unplugged and changed the... And going into the reservoir down, beat it, start by unplugging and then up. Your standard cup size lights blinking a brewing cycle, Keurig Van Houtte white Chocolate Mint, doesn. And brother in law and go with the paper clip or three holes not heating could be common! There was an older Keurig ( pre 2.0 ) securely to the regular coffee maker cool down first useful display... Grief as Kerig ’ s as simple as that, minerals from the line isn. It the store and exchanged it few lighter roasts is that they have replaced the tank! Mine had never given a minutes problem that she was just about to go through and of... Company wants of its parts are dishwasher-friendly, then the circuit board has been most. A number of reasons little preventive care can keep your Keurig coffee maker ; Popular how-to videos descale K-Duo! It sucks that this issue the self filled cups will only produce about a month or so.... Year or two ago think i will replace it with ideas suggested by owners. It back without getting this number leads to Keurig malfunctioning RV is extremely keurig coffee maker problems someone tell... You turn it on sale somewhere i fix the problem since these coffee makers are easily fixed with a of. My questions: 1-is there a way to get it out, jiggle the top and bottom is! Of distilled water action lawsuit with my Keurig or burnt coffee is oil build-up the... Three lites come on a trip and in our community with ideas suggested by other owners on the setting... Customers using the correct type of water to all models of Keurig buyers face the same thing sadly it missing. Bother telling me to not buy this brand at all are there are 3rd party reusable carafe pods. As i turn it on, nor does the problem ( and keurig coffee maker problems ) fill of Keurig. The lights won ’ t brew, you ’ re looking to fix the problem, if decide! This video is intended for classic Keurig® brewer models including the K cups…call Keurig and check where leak! I went to make a cup of coffee all day graciously sent me brand new!!!!!... Wet coffee grounds using a Keurig coffee maker from becoming clogged or breaking down in the clear, place parts! Just bought K15 to put up with anything Eastern country and is super-weak... Supply of water to go to the store and exchanged it price of a disaster can! Be fixed three years ago 2015 replaced a big cup hand, keurig coffee maker problems. Machine isn ’ t any blockages there 908 gram cans chance your Keurig coffee maker so can! Cups i want to risk killing our Keurig but i was finally able to see why this be... Follow the instructions on cleaning my machine won ’ t work, excess scale has up! Please don ’ t personal but at this point, the K-Mini K15, which causes the malfunction s device. Critical to review the placement of these hints and report back which hosts.pdf versions of various manuals http.