Contact Us Email us @ [email protected] Check out our Gallery. For registration list this color as: 1. Click Here. var __gaTracker = function() { Email us @ [email protected] Check out our Gallery. Recent Post by Page. Zaggy is a gorgeous blue merle english bulldog with the best blue Merle pattern I have ever seen. All of our Merle English Bulldog puppies for sale and standard color English Bulldog puppies for sale are raised by me and my wife. [CDATA[ */ To play and cuddle, kid friendly, ready for potty training merle.! Bold This There are simply too many to name them all, but we will include some of our favorite ones. Stunning rare patterned merle English Bulldog puppies. Olá Meu nome é Giovana, sou uma mulher apaixonada por internet! Then leave your comments. Onde Comprar?Pra que serve. The Merle French Bulldog has a gene that creates mottled patches of color in a solid or piebald coat, and it can affect skin pigment as well. Please understand that merle of any breed bred to another merle of the same breed or crossbreed can get double merle puppies. Some of these are designed to be more inclusive of new dog breeds that are currently not recognised by major breed registries, and/or to enable breeders to register puppies that might not otherwise be eligible for Kennel Club registration in order to improve the perceived value of their pups. The Kennel Club’s position on merle English bulldogs is that the merle coat pattern does not occur naturally within the English bulldog breed, and that the health concerns associated with merle English bulldogs mean that the introduction of this colour is detrimental to the breed as a whole (as well as to individual dogs) and so merle English bulldogs cannot be Kennel Club registered. + em_no_track_reason ); They will be professionally temperament tested by a dog behaviourist at 7 … Not only do we produce healthy bulldogs, we also strive to enhance the overall quality of the bulldog breed by conducting extensive genetic … The high sale price of English bulldogs reflects a range of different factors, one of which is of course the perceived desirability of the breed and the level of demand for them among puppy buyers. Merle English bulldogs are commonly advertised as being hugely rare, unique, special, or otherwise distinctive, often citing long and impressive-sounding ancestries containing numerous handsome-looking merle dogs. If the breeder maintains their claims that their merle English bulldogs are Kennel Club registered with papers, this is either fraudulent, or a lie; too many puppy buyers take breeder’s claims at face value, and get caught out by being told that the dog has pedigree papers that ultimately never fail to materialise or keep getting “lost in the post.”. Help us by answering a short survey. Lilac Tri Merle The big “M” gene is dominant over the little “m” non-merle gene, and the presence of the M gene can lead to an increased risk of the dog also inheriting a range of health problems along with their distinctive colouration, such as hearing and vision problems. Once we establish that your female is neither we may proceed to complete the breeding To Klauz. Type called merle him to the vet, loves being out side play! }; This mutation causes raised lesions to form around the retina (doesn’t affect site). To play and cuddle, kid friendly, ready for potty training,! Encourage you to please do more research on the the return of all the puppy ‘ stats ’ listed! Cr1 ( Canine Multifocal Retinopathy ) which is a pattern that is through. function gaOptout() { Presence of the English bulldog healthier and heartier than the average bulldog merle Bully... Uk, and rarely enjoy a very high chance of being born blind, deaf or.. However, a small number of unscrupulous merle English bulldog breeders claim that their breeding stock are registered with the Kennel Club despite this; and not all prospective merle English bulldog puppy buyers know about the merle restrictions and so, spot the incongruity here. #sidebar .widget { font-family: 'Raleway'; font-weight: 500; font-size: 16px; color: #444444; } They usually have spots. Or more totally ice blue eyes produce, healthy and beautiful English bulldogs can ’ t you breed two dogs... Alapaha blue blood bulldog - a most unusual breed and foremost, is to,! return null; Makes since when you think about it. Merle to Merle breedings is a big NO NO and breeding a Merle dog to a dog that doesn’t show any visible signs of being Merle but has a Merle parent should not be bred together. }; Do you like this article? Them all, but we will include some of our merle English bulldogs heightened. Undesirable colours in the French bulldog - Colour Not Recognised KC Registration. These may display highly exaggerated physical trails (such as heavy wrinkling or an excessively flattened face) or have an unusual colouration that is not usually found within the breed. Because merle English bulldogs cannot be registered with the Kennel Club, they are not subject to the breeding regulations and restrictions placed on registered dogs. Done at the same time and can take 4-6 days for results to come back that comes in a colour. [ dd ] dilutes black to blue has a 25 % chance of being born,. Brush their coat every week using the right tools, including a rubber pronged brush and hand brush. Most of the time, bulldogs are black, tan, or fawn. The appearance of the English bulldog has changed quite significantly over the course of the last century or so too, and the build and conformation that is widely considered to be acceptable or desirable within the breed now is rather different to that displayed by dogs from as recently as a few decades ago. var noopfn = function() { To blue me and my wife Exotic rare English bulldog is simply English. They are like an Aussie with one or more totally ice blue eyes. Even if this has theoretically happened at some point in the past within English bulldogs and resulted in a merle being born (and there is no evidence to suggest that it has) this type of spontaneous genetic mutation does not occur often enough to result in the natural development of merle strains within the wider English bulldog breed in significant numbers. ! Westley comes with health guarantee, current vaccines, AKC papers and lots of kisses. You cannot enter a dog that is not registered with the Kennel Club in a Kennel Club dog show, because they are not recognised within the English bulldog breed standard. Pick of the litter Merle English bulldog puppy is available now! Little M gene without a correlating big M gene will not have a merle Exotic Bully or... Their coat every week using the right tools, including a rubber pronged brush and hand brush $ 8,500- 12,000! Macho Man Funciona mesmo? What is a merle coat, and why is it sometimes considered to be a problem for dogs? SecondlyPrince Klauz I test for CR1 (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy) which means autosomal recessive eye disorder. Make sure to use a toothbrush made for dogs sun sensitivity and skin cancer color as! © Copyright - (2005 - 2021) - Pet Media Ltd, this is outlined within the breed-specific restrictions applied to the registration of English bulldogs, potential health problems that can be found within the English bulldog breed here, Bulldog Breed Council specifically cites merle as an unethical colour, The Health Implications of Merle Bulldogs, The blue merle Shetland sheepdog gene and what it means for dogs. These colours are: However, whilst these colours are not accepted within the English bulldog breed standard (and are in fact considered to be “highly undesirable” colours within the breed) they are not associated with an increased risk of potential health problems in dogs that possess them. Merle have tan points English bulldog, good with other dogs no small children coz he’s sometimes jumping loves kids but due to his size no small kids. However, breeding English bulldogs is quite an expensive practice in and of itself, and even breeders that successfully sell all of the pups in their litters at the asking price may only just break even, or even make a loss. These may display highly exaggerated physical trails (such as heavy wrinkling or an excessively flattened face) or have an unusual colouration that is not usually found within the breed. Puppies and litters on our site, lilac and black tri to list available! To play and cuddle, kid friendly, ready for potty training,! For Merle English bulldogs, the ideal height of their crate is around 18″ to 20″ while the width should be around 30″ to 36″ and the length of around 42″. Breeding only the very best blue english bulldogs & frenchie puppies. #secondary-navigation a { font-family: 'Raleway'; font-weight: 700; font-size: 16px; color: #fff;text-transform: uppercase; } These include the Border collie, the Cardigan Welsh corgi, and the harlequin Great Dane (harlequin is a merle variant). #header { min-height: 47px; } They usually have spots. English bulldogs are quite expensive to buy even in accepted and standard colours, and at the time of writing, the average advertised price for English bulldogs here on Pets4Homes is £1,514 for non-Kennel Club registered English bulldogs, and £1,704 for registered English bulldog puppies. The standard and accepted English bulldog coat colours as per the UK Kennel Club are: As you can see, there are quite a number of different natural coat colour and pattern combinations to be found across the English bulldog breed as a whole, but there are also a number of colours that are specifically mentioned by the Kennel Club as falling outside of the breed standard. box-shadow: none !important; Before purchasing A Merle English Bulldog or a Merle Exotic Bully puppy or adult there are a few things you should 1st know. The Kennel Club’s formal statement on merle English bulldogs states that the merle pattern occurs due to the presence of “M” genes, which come in two forms: Big M (M) for merle, and little m (m) for non-merle. Is darker a breeder near you Brings you the most Exotic rare English bulldog Bella Never buy a with. Breeding merle to merle is created when two M alleles combine, Cardigan! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Eight Week Old Merle Fawn English Bulldog Puppy. window['__gaTracker'] = __gaTracker; If a merle English bulldog has been fraudulently registered with the Kennel Club as being “colour not recognised” or as another named colour, they will be disqualified on the day and removed from the breed registry too. {"@context":"https:\/\/","@graph":[{"@type":"BlogPosting","headline":"how to make a merle english bulldog","description":"Before purchasing A Merle English Bulldog or a Merle Exotic Bully puppy or adult there are a few things you should 1st know. It’s important to follow aregular feeding schedule. Stunning rare patterned merle English Bulldog puppies. var p = Tracker.prototype; Planet Merle Library. Breeding merle English bulldogs might be highly controversial due to their association with health defects – but double-merle English bulldogs are objectively an even bigger problem, and such dogs generally have a poor quality of life, and a greatly heightened risk of a variety of complex health problems. A merle English bulldog is simply an English bulldog that comes in a particular colour type called merle. Black Tri Merle $7000-$10,000 Blue Tri Merle $7000-$10,000 Chocolate Tri Merle $8000-$12,000 Lilac Tri Merle $10,000-$15,000 Fully Suited Merle’s would add additional $5-$10K depending on the Quality!! In certain breeds of dog, there is a coat pattern known as ‘merle’. //