Not as smooth on the base as a tile saw cut, but still very usable. You don’t need to be an expert in the trade to know how a professional and expensive tool looks like. Rubi DIAMANT DU-200 EVO Tile Saws are perfect for general ceramic tile cutting and is especially suitable for cutting floor (BIII type) tiles and glazed stoneware (BIIa type) tiles.These tile saws are equipped with a 1.1 hp (0.8 kW) direct-drive motor, and thermal protector and come in two sizes: EVO 650 and EVO 850.. Rubi DU-200 EVO Tile Saw features: Depending on the size, it’s about a couple hundred more. Equipped with carbon steel slide-on adjustable stainless steel radial bearings. The Rubi Star 21 in. (, Maximum 3 hour of continuous work, as recommended by TNO, Maximum 1 hour of continuous work, as recommended by TNO, DX-250 1400 Laser&Level 120V 60Hz tile saw with blade and cable, DX-250 1000 Laser&Level 120V 60Hz tile saw with blade and cable, 52900 - DX-250 PLUS 1000 230V 50Hz Laser&Level Electric cutter, 52910 - DX-250 PLUS 1400 230V 50Hz Laser&Level Electric cutter. Equipped with a vacuum port and water feed system, this versatile saw can cut either wet or dry and is best used with the Rubi's slab cutting system for large format tile. You simply lift it up and the spring loaded level takes care of the rest. The very reason they’re so heavy is the thick metal bar at the center of the tile cutter that provides the strength and rigidity required to produce 3306 lbs (1.5 tonnes) of breaking power. Rubi Heavy Duty Grey Tile Cutter Practic 60 - Great Condition. The TR-Magnet is no exception. In Stock at Store Today. Rubi 14967 26 in. So it’s official, you can cut pedestal tiles with a tile cutter. £949.99. RUBI TOOLS TZ-1300 Tile Cutter. Tools & Trim. The. For cutting ceramics, stoneware, porcelain and other materials. Machine supplied without cable (remember to include the cable in your order). From the incredibly easy scoring that is unlike anything you’ve ever felt to the even more insane breaking strength. Fully adjustable lateral stop for repetitive cuts on both sides of the tile cutter. Needless to say I fell in love with it and as a long time Rubi fan, I knew it had to be mine one day. The Rubi Star-N is the best porcelain tile cutter if you are budget conscious or are looking for an affordable tile cutter for occasion use. Rubi 7 in. Our extensive range of Rubi Wet Saws is sure to have everything you need for your project. 09. Rubi ND 180 Smart Electric Tile Saw - 230v Although our Tile Showrooms are temporarily closed for browsing, we're still open online or over the phone for safe … Equipped as standard with laser tracer for a better cutting precision and spirit level to facilitate the correct installation of the cutter. 4.2 out of 5 stars 3. Rubi 7 in. Department. Wow, that came off more like a sales pitch than a honest review, let’s try that again. £19.64 ex VAT. Ten minutes later I had it all adjusted and perfect. Mission, Vision and Values in Germans Boada S.A. RUBI products: Ongoing innovation for users, CLUB RUBI, an international association with great dynamism, Tags related to Tile Cutters and Scoring Wheels, Accessories for construction trash chutes, TOOLS AND USEFUL FOR PLACEMENT Accessories. The Rubi TZ tile cutters allow tile setters to cut a whole host of large format tiles, quickly and easily. You see, the back drop head needs to be calibrated in order for it to cut perfect 90 degree cuts. Large Cutting Capacity In Four Sizes:  85cm/102cm/130cm/155cm Or 33.46’’/40.15’’/51.8’’/61.02 (same separating power across all sizes), Package Includes: Carry Bag + Two cutting knives incl. Free shipping. The breaker mechanism with its fancy bearings and handle folds down and the extensions to the sprung base fold up and clip into place. The Club Rubi APP is an innovative and free application that allows users to earn money for their RUBI purchases anywhere in the world. $419.99 Masonry Tile Saw by GÖLZ - TS250 – Blade 10" (250 mm) Cutting length 44 7/8" (1.140 mm) + 2 Free 10" 4.6 out of 5 stars 3. I have done a few in the past and remembered how painful cutting those thick slabs of porcelain was. It’s easy to transport, cuts cleanly and is built to last. $116.30 New. Until the TZ came along.”. Seize the opportunity! Large cutting capacity, up to 21 mm (13/16″) thickness. If you find yourself working with standard 32 inch (600×600) tiles a lot and nothing too insane, then a regular Sigma, Montolit or Rubi tile cutter will be your choice, especially if money is a concern. Dry Tile and Masonry Saw Accessories; Manual Tile Cutters; Electric Tile Saws; Mitring & Bevelling; Manual Tile Cutter Accessories; Scoring/Cutting Wheels; Diamond Saw Blades; Electric Tile Saw … 7 in. (I’m just waiting for someone to email me and argue that fact.). Product Video DV 200 1000 For Tile, Glazed Stoneware, Porcelain Tile and other coating materials.