CM-Council), Competitive Bids/Proposals (Mod. This goal, which is outlined in our strategic plan Tennessee Succeeds, represents more than a number on a test. A minimum high school grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. These vertically aligned assessments not only provide more information than ever before about each student’s readiness but also connect to distinct opportunities, including: Districts and schools that have a large percentage of students in Advanced Placement courses may benefit from using the SAT to meet their college-readiness requirements. Tennessee State University is waiving the ACT score as a requirement for incoming freshman for the Fall 2020 semester in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Those with GPAs of 3.20 are more or less guaranteed acceptance, while all applicants are generally required to submit ACT or SAT scores. CM-Council), Private Act Charters or Home Rule Charters, Governed by the 1983 Municipal Purchasing Law, Ordinance to Establish Purchasing LImits in City Manager-Commission Chartered Cities, Purchases from Other Governments and Private Entities Summary, Purchases for Other Local Governments Summary, Cooperative Purchasing Agreements (State) Summary, Cooperative Purchasing Agreements (Local) Summary, Recognition of Electronic Contracting Summary, Purchase of Property at Public Auctions Summary, Reverse Auctions by Local Governments Summary, Competitive Bidding with Centralized Purchasing Authority, Life Cycle Cost and Procurement Act Summary, Purchasing from Certain Disabled Persons Summary, Purchase of Confiscated Property from the State Summary, Multi-Year Contracts for Maintenance of Water Storage Tanks Summary, Conveyance of Real or Personal Property Among Public Agencies Summary, Transfer of Assets for Fire Protection Summary, Purchasing Through Competitive Sealed Proposals Summary, Interest of Officer in Municipal Contracts Summary, Personal Interest of Officers Prohibited Summary, Ordinance Establishing Office Of Purchasing Agent, Relations Of Other Departments With The Purchasing Department (Sample), Departmental Purchase Order Form (Sample), Other Aspects To Be Considered In Bid Awards (Sample), Items Covered By Warranty Or Guarantee (Sample), Resolution Establishing a Surplus Property Policy, General Law City Manager-Commission Charter, Code Adoption Procedures Required by State Law, Legislature Declares Ordinances to be Used, Part IV - Know the Things You Cannot Change, City Council Meeting: Robert's Rules of Order, Qualifying Deadline for Municipal Election, Financial Disclosure/Conflict of Interest, Code of Ethics - Explanation of Sections, Provisions from the Tennessee Constitution, Considerations for Premium v. Reimbursement, Expense Reimbursements, Travel, Vehicle Use Policies, Tennessee Military Service and Guard-Reserve-Civil Air Patrol Leave Laws, Confidentiality of Municipal Employees' Personal Information, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, Lawful and Unlawful Inquiries During Pre-Employment Interviews, Lawful Inquiries: Name, Family Status, Age, Disability, Unlawful Inquiries: Name, Family Status, Age, Disabilities, Lawful Inquiries: Sex, Race, Residence, Birthplace, Unlawful Inquiries: Sex, Race, Residence, Birthplace, Lawful Inquiries: Religion, Military, Photo, Citizenship, Education, Conviction, Unlawful Inquiries: Religion, Military, Photo, Citizenship, Education, Conviction, Lawful Inquiries: Relatives, Organizations, Credit Rating, References, Unlawful Inquiries: Relatives, Organizations, Credit Rating, References, Model Identity Theft Policy/FACTA Compliance, Model Identity Theft Policy and Resolution: Sections 1-4, Model Identify Theft Policy: Sections 6, 7, 8, Recruiting and Selecting Professional Personnel, Recruitment Selection Process: Job Design Profile, Sample Job Description for Public Works Director, Sample Letter to Accompany Pre-Interview Questionnaire, Background Information and Reference Checks, Advertising Resources for Recruiting Professional Positions, Nursing Mothers: Frequently Asked Questions, Examples of Impairments Covered Under ADA, Episodic Conditions and Illnesses In Remission, Regular Attendance as an Essential Function, Leave to Care for Adult Children: ADA and FMLA, ADA List of Do's and Don'ts for Employers, National Defense Authorization Act of 2010, FMLA Regulations Effective January 1, 2009, Social Media and Casual Conversations - GINA, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), Covered Persons - Not Qualified Beneficiaries, Verification of Identity and Employability, Verification of Identity and Employability - Online, Tennessee Lawful Employment Act (TLE Act), Receipts in-lieu of List A, B or C Documents, Fair Credit Act: Frequently Asked Questions, Fair Credit Reporting Act Notice (Sample), Notification of Rights for Tennessee Consumers, Application to State and Local Governments, Policy Making Appointees and Legal Advisors, Volunteers, Independent Contractors, Prisoners, Trainees, Highly Compensated Learned Professional Exemption, Other Compensable Time - Show-up, Stand-by, On-Call or Reporting Time, Salaried Employee - More than 40 Hour Work Week, Salaried Employee - Less than 40 Hour Work Week, Fixed Weekly Salary - More than 40 Hour Work Week, Computing Regular Pay and Overtime Compensation, Definition of Employees Covered by 207(k), Calculating Overtime for Public Safety Employees, Enforcement, Remedies, Penalties, and Settlements, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Recording and Reporting Work Related Events, Injury or Illness Resulting in Days Away from Work, Work-related Injury or Illness Results in Restricted Work, Medical Removal Under Medical Surveillance, Providing Records to Government Representatives, Electronic Submission of Injury and Illness Records to OSHA, OSHA Revisions to the Hazard Communication Standard, Hazardous Communication Standards - Training Requirement, Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), Service in the Uniformed Services Defined, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA), GINA and HIPAA, Employment, Genetic Information, Exceptions to Acquiring Genetic Information, GINA and ADA, FMLA, & Workers' Compensation, Pre-Employment, Post-Offer Health Exams and Fit for Duty Exams, Insurers, Exceptions, and Confidentiality, Examples of Potential Discrimination Prohibited by GINA, Public Chapter 80 - Firearms in Parking Lots, The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) of 2020, Exclusions from FFCRA Eligibility for Emergency Responders and Essential Government Functions, Expanded Family Medical Leave (FMLA) under FFCRA, Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) DOL FAQ Page, Archival Policy for Electronic Information, Cable TV/Telecommunications and Utility Franchises, Laws of Economics Affecting Tower Placement, Issues Regarding Siting of Telecommunication Towers, State Franchise Authority: Rights Granted, State Franchise Authority: Franchise Fees, Social Media: Disciplining Employees for Online Activity, Compliance with the Tennessee Open Meetings Act, When Requestors Fail to Inspect in a Timely Manner or Pay for Copies, Establishing Procedures for Inspection of Public Records, Ordinance Establishing Procedures for Inspection of Public Records, Schedule for Charges for Copies of Public Records, Guidelines for Responding to Requests for Public Records, Policy for Frequent and Multiple Requests for Public Records, Records Management for Municipal Governments. You can get into Tennessee State University with slightly below average high school grades . Districts may choose to administer the ACT or the SAT. Districts can also provide both assessments and allow their students to choose the assessment that is right for them. The SAT is a nationally-accepted measure of college and career readiness. According to the ACT, the benchmark for college readiness is a composite score of 21. The ACT residual is the ACT exam, but it is administered for admission to Roane State only, not to other institutions. College Search helps you research colleges and universities, find schools that match your preferences, and add schools to a personal watch list. Unlike many universities, the University of Tennessee superscores ACT results; your highest subscores from multiple ACT sittings will be considered. We need to continue to push students to take the most rigorous courses available, explore CTE programs of study, and enroll in early postsecondary courses. In the following sections, Tennessee will address all federal requirements, as well as outline other . The WWFB has established certain guidelines for the city to accomplish this: In Tennessee, the state comptroller prescribes accounting standards and procedures. The State of Tennessee and the University of Tennessee System establishes student residency regulations. The average ACT score at East Tennessee State University is 23. Find the average SAT/ACT scores, acceptance rate, and your chances of getting in at CM-Council), Purchases Exempt by the Charter (Mod. Mexican War - A call for 2,800 Tennessee volunteers got 30,000 respondents, earning the Volunteer State name. The report includes student’s proficiency level in English language arts (ELA), Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), understanding complex texts, and progress towards career readiness. In order to prepare our students with the knowledge and skills valued by both employers and postsecondary educators, the Tennessee Department of Education has set two major strategic goals: By 2020, the average composite score on the ACT will be a … Ask Admissions Text | 615-645-2646. Students must meet State of Tennessee immunization requirements. It is the intent that the Tennessee Colleges of Applied operating under the jurisdiction of the Tennessee Board of Regents would be among the institutions exempt from the requirements of these rules. Cities are required to have an annual independent audit of their financial records. This act established the Water and Wastewater Finance Board (WWFB) to oversee financially distressed municipal wastewater systems. The school consistently takes SAT composite scores down to 1150 on a 1600 scale, below which admission should be considered a reach. Fax: (865) 974-0423 ACT/SAT sub-scores determine if students need additional testing to determine if placement in prescribed courses is offered. Applicants desiring acceptance to the Nursing Program must obtain an application from the School of Nursing, MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. View Tennessee State University acceptance rate & admission requirements, find out Tennessee State University student enrollment application requirements such as SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, IB, GPA & much more. Student Services & Admissions Center, Room 120 1301 E. … May 22, 2018 . 1902 - The Atlanta Constitution first called UT athletes “Volunteers” after a Tennessee–Georgia Tech football game. Widths of Streets Based on Plats, Deeds, Etc. Explore key Tennessee State University information including application requirements, popular majors, tuition, SAT scores, AP credit policies, and more. Together, these factors will also contribute to another strategic goal: that a majority of high school graduates will go on to earn a postsecondary certificate or degree.Â. GPA In 2019, the middle 50% of the University of Tennessee's incoming class had high school GPAs between 3.0 and 4.0. Every Student Succeeds Act: Building on Success in Tennessee . Use our comprehensive search tool to find out more information about your topic. The ACT, or SAT, is required for admission to many technical schools, two-year colleges, and four-year colleges. The ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule Evaluation, ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule Resources, Local Government Authorization to Perform Electrical Inspections, Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, Concurrent Jurisdiction, Tennessee's Severe Fire Mortality Problem, Penalties for Violations of Municipal Ordinance, Sample Court Cost and Local Litigation Tax Ordinance, Sample Ordinance for Adding E-Citation Court Cost, Failure to Appear in Court for Traffic Violation, Failure to Appear in Court for Other Violations, Sample Ordinance - State Traffic Offenses & Rules of the Road, Sample Ordinance - Sample Financial Responsibility (Insurance), Submitting Court Report/Fines & Form Requests, Industrial Building Revenue Bond Act of 1951, Contractual Operations of Municipal Schools, Purpose and Benefits of a Capital Asset Accounting System, Establishing a Capital Asset Accounting System, Individual Property Records and Filing System, Maintaining a Capital Asset Accounting System, Sample Forms for Capital Asset Accounting Systems, Form - Capital Asset Accounting Record (Ledger Card), Sample Resolution to Set Threshold for Capitalization, Financial Oversight Duties of a Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO), Reporting Requirements - Division of Local Finance, Highlights of Municipal Travel and Expense Law, Payments in Lieu of Taxes: Electric Utilities, Payment in Lieu of Taxes: Water Utilities, Payments in Lieu of Taxes: Sewer Utilities, Payments in Lieu of Taxes: Natural Gas Utilities, State-Shared Income Tax (Hall Income Tax). 1610 University Avenue You ACT score needs to be at least 20 to have some chance getting into East Tennessee State University. Tennessee State University ACT Requirements. In 1997 the Wastewater Facilities Act was amended to also include authority over financially distressed water systems that do not already have a combined fund with the sewer system. 25% had a GPA above 4.0, and 25% had a GPA below 3.0. ), Modified City Manager-Council (General Law) Charters, Organizations Exempt by the Charter (Mod. What GPA do you need to get into Tennessee State University? You can read more about the ACT’s alignment with college and career readiness standards here. However, the assessments are different from one another in their structure, format, and purpose. For more information about ACT and TNReady, we encourage you to review these Frequently Asked Questions. MTSU DREAM Scholarship eligibility requirements. Authority: T.C.A. Standardized tests are often used to determine eligibility for scholarships; for example, a student’s eligibility for the Tennessee HOPE scholarship is based on their ACT or SAT results.Â. If a student is able to score at, or above, these important benchmarks, they have a high probability of success in credit-bearing college courses. Half the applicants admitted to Tennessee State have an SAT score between 900 and 1040 or an ACT … T.C.A. Roane State, under the direction of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), requires minimum ACT scores of 19 (equivalent to 460 on the SAT) and a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale to begin college-level coursework. Tennessee State University is a Public, 4 Year college located in Nashville, TN. Model Building Codes, Utility Codes, Etc. Just like for the SAT, Tennessee State University likely doesn't have a hard ACT cutoff, but if you score too low, your application will get tossed in the trash. We serve business and government to improve the lives of Tennesseans. The average ACT score at Tennessee State University is 18. Students should have taken either the ACT or the SAT exam. Tennessee State University rolled out aggressive new admissions requirements this month in an effort to build a more successful student body, but state … This score makes Tennessee State University Competitive for ACT scores. The free resources below may be helpful for both teachers and students in preparing for the ACT.Â, The ACT is a nationally recognized benchmark assessment for college and career readiness. ACT, ACT residual, and SAT scores are accepted for dual enrollment admission. The new ACT student report will provide students with valuable information to help with college and career planning. The ACT assesses students’ cumulative knowledge and skills based on standards taught from elementary to high school. Districts can choose to administer the SAT to all eleventh grade students during a school day at no cost to students and calculate the results into their accountability framework. Students may also purchase and take the SAT on a Saturday. Also, according to the ACT, if a student is able to meet the score benchmark, they have a 50 percent chance of obtaining a B or higher or a 75 percent chance of obtaining a C or higher in the corresponding college course. Students under the age of 24 are considered dependent students and residency classification for tuition purposes is determined to be the same state as parent(s) or legal guardian domicile. Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) 1610 University Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee 37921-6741. In order to prepare for the structure and format of the SAT exam, the College Board offers the following resources: ACT, Inc. Webpage for Tennessee Districts & Schools​, State Board Policy & Accountability FAQsÂ, COVID-19 ACT Guidance for Districts and Schools, Preparing for the ACT, Postsecondary, and Career, Five Best Practices to Support Student ACT Success, Free online ACT & SAT preparation is available to all Tennesseans through the Tennessee Electronic Library, Drive to 55: Pathways to Postsecondary Report, read more about the ACT’s alignment with college and career readiness standards here, free, personalized, interactive SAT practice, Free, personalized SAT practice from Khan Academy®, The SAT and SAT Subject Tests Educator Guide, Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM), Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS), By 2020, the average composite score on the ACT will be a 21. 1325. What is the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule? Two years consecutive negative changes in net position â€” the WWFB may allow the city a period of time of up to three years to begin operating with a positive change in net position. § 49-7-124, 2013 Public Acts, Chapter 114, and 2003 Public Acts, Chapter 136. We believe that our academic standards and the TNReady assessment are helping to put our students on a strong trajectory toward meeting this goal. War of 1812 - Tennessee Volunteer references began. Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO), Responsible Vendor Act: Sample Code Chapter, Resolution: Remove Allowance of the Manufacture of Alcoholic Beverages. You can learn more about the SAT test here. ii . For the students who have fallen behind, we must provide the supports necessary through strong teaching and response to instruction and intervention. Scores are accepted by all colleges and universities nationwide. § 7-82-701 to 706.) Through state funds, recipients of the DREAM Scholarship will receive $2,000 per year for up to four years (maximum of eight semesters). Bottom 25% of admitted students has ACT score lower than 20. Therefore, all educators in our state play a role in helping students prepare for the ACT. ), Authority of the Governing Body (CM-Comm. CM-Council), Authority of the Governing Body (Mod. Tennessee Department of Education | Updated August 13, 2018. Apply to study at Tennessee State University: Overview, Entry requirements, Scholarship & funding, Campuses undefined Student life Get detailed info on Tennessee State University (TSU) admissions 2021, acceptance rate, average GPA, ACT & SAT scores requirements & application deadlines. Average ACT: 23. Some of the alternatives discussed in this manual exceed “recommended practices and procedures.” The comptroller has the final say over what’s acceptable in municipal accounting practices. Knoxville, Tennessee 37921-6741, Phone: (865) 974-0411 Basic Steps in Records Management Process, Establishing a Records Management Program, Records Disposition Request and Authorization Form, Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Resolution A - Exploratory Annexation by Referendum, Resolution B - Proposed Annexation by Referendum, Resolution D - Proposed Annexation By Owner Consent, Resolution E - Annexation By Owner Consent, Urban-Type Public Facilities and Functions, Eminent Domain vs Accidental/Negligent Acts, Petition for Condemnation (Supplementary), Impairment of Easements of Access and Way, Uniform Relocation Assistance & Real Property Acquisition Acts, Form 3 - Motion for Notice by Publication, Form 10 - Order Confirming Report of the Jury of View, Form 11 - Appeal From Finding of the Jury of View, Training for Members of Planning Commissions, Elements and Steps of an Urban Forestry Program, Step 3 - Adopt a Tree Ordinance/Landscape Ordinance, Eminent Domain with Vested Property Rights, Summary of the Short-Term Rental Unit Act, Compensation and Employee Status of Volunteer Firefighters, Estimating the Travel Time of Fire Apparatus, Commission on Fire Accreditation International, Investigating Fires/Demolishing Buildings, Non-Profit Volunteer Fire Department Reporting Requirements, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Part-time Firefighters, Identifying and Marking Deficient Fire Hydrants, Protecting Public Water Systems Conclusion, Potential Liability for Recording Devices, Sample Video/Photo Recording Devices Standard Operating Policy, Inability to Provide Water for Fire Service, ISO Rating Effect on Economic Development, Fire Resource Conservation and Development, Recommendations for Small Municipal Fire Departments, Forfeited Cash and Proceeds from Sale of Property, Requesting Funds for Confidential Operations, Receipt, Deposit & Disbursing Confidential Funds, Purchasing Equipment and Supplies from Confidential Funds, A1 - Custodian's Activity Log for Confidential Funds, A2 - Transaction Record of Confidential Funds, A3 - Agents Activity Log for Confidential Funds, A4 - Accountability of Confidential Funds, A7 - Confidential Fund Monthly Reconciliation Report, R1 - Report of Confidential Funds Requested or Returned, Enforcement of Motor Vehicles and Traffic Rules, Expense of Physical Ability/Agility Testing, Fitness and Training Used to Purge Old Timers, Fitness Tests Must Be Fair and Job Related, Boat and Marina Sewage & Land Application of Wastewater, Health Departments, Hospitals, and Mental Health Programs, IRS Rules for Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Purchases, Compressed Natural Gas for Municipal Fleets, Foundations of Municipal Biodiesel Production, Best Practices of Municipal Biodiesel Production, Best Practices in Biodiesel Production: Program Initiation, Best Practices of Biodiesel Production: Program Operation, Best Practices of Biodiesel Production: Program Results, Resource Recovery and Used Oil Collection, Residential Refuse Collection Technologies, Tort Liability for Unsafe and Defective Streets, Counties & Utility Districts Providing Service to Municipalities. Improving the average ACT score of Tennessee students will lead to an increase in the number of students who are able to enroll in postsecondary educational opportunities, and, subsequently, a decreased number of students who need remediation when they reach postsecondary. ACT/SAT REQUIREMENTS FOR 2020 ADMISSIONS ONLY-- updated August 30, 2020 ... Austin Peay State University (Tennessee) for applicants with HSGPA of 2.85 or higher Auburn University at Montgomery (Alabama) Bethany College (Kansas) Bethel University (Tennessee) East Tennessee State University ACT Requirements. The ACT and TNReady assessments provide valuable information regarding student achievement and readiness for postsecondary opportunities. SAT scores can be used to connect students to scholarship opportunities. Phone: (865) 974-0411 Fax: (865) 974-0423 Tennessee State University admissions is less selective with an acceptance rate of 66%. Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) Two consecutive years of negative change in net position; Being in default on any long-term debt; or, Deficit in net position â€” the WWFB may allow the city a period of time of up to 10 years to eliminate the deficit; or. To receive a regular high school diploma, all students enrolled in a Tennessee public school during their eleventh (11) grade year must take either the ACT or SAT. Municipal Donations to Nonprofit Organizations: What Documentation is Required? The ACT has further broken down the benchmarks into an 18 for English, 22 for Math, 22 for Reading, and 23 for science. These scores should be provided to the department if they have not been provided to the University. ), Purchases Exempt by the Charter (CM-Comm. Since Tennessee State University has open admissions, any qualified students are able to attend--interested students will still need to submit an application. § 68-221-1001 to 1015. Please see the State of Tennessee’s Department of Education website for graduation requirements. The SAT suite of assessments, including the SAT and PSAT-related assessments, are aligned to state academic standards; they reflect what Tennessee students are learning in classrooms across the state and assess skills that are essential for college and career success. A minimum score of 19 on ACT, or SAT equivalent, is required. Optional Standardized Test Scores Students applying for admission for the Fall 2021 semester have the option to submit ACT or SAT scores as part of their application. ESSA State Plan . May 22, 2018 . The regular admissions application deadline for Tennessee State is August 1. Middle Tennessee State University is a Public, 4 Year college located in Murfreesboro, TN. Find the average SAT/ACT scores, acceptance rate, and your chances of getting in at iii . The University of Tennessee typically requires applicants to be in the top 32 percent of SAT test takers . Typical ACT scores for East Tennessee State University are from 18 to 25 for math and from Not available to Not available for reading and writing. Tennessee State University Admissions Tennessee State admissions is not selective with an acceptance rate of 100%. This provides a method for the state to intervene in the financial affairs of any financially distressed, publicly owned wastewater facility. As such, the best preparation for either exam is high-quality instruction and access to rigorous coursework throughout a student’s academic career. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Tennessee State University was 2.85 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily B- students are accepted and ultimately attend. It also includes suggested colleges and career areas based on student’s scores and career interests, as indicated on the ACT. Each of these audits is submitted by the auditor to the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury. By 2020, the majority of high school graduates will be on track to receive a postsecondary degree or credential. Audits that show a net loss or negative net position are forwarded to the staff of the Wastewater Financing Board for further review and possible action if the system falls into one or more of the following situations: City management will be asked to appear before the WWFB and submit a plan, for board approval, that will eliminate the deficits and operate the enterprise fund in a positive manner. Sample Affidavit and Administrative Inspection Warrant Affidavit, AG Opinion: Administrative Hearing Officer Act, Adopting Building Codes and Amendments By Reference, Adopting Amendments by Administrative Regulations, Adopting New Codes When a Code was Previously Adopted, Sample Ordinance: Adopt Amendments by Ordinance, Sample Ordinance: Adopt Amendments Administratively, Sample Ordinance: Incorporating Amendments-Municipal Code, Sample Ordinance: Incorporating Amendments-Ordinance, Sample Municipal Code Chapter Adopting IBC, Sample Administrative Regulations to Adopt Amendments, Sample Ordinance: Adopting New Editions-Existing Ordinance, Sample Ordinance: Adopting New Editions-Municipal Code, ISO-Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule. The ACT residual scores are valid for Roane State only. In 1987, the state legislature passed the Wastewater Facilities Act. ), City Manager-Commission (General Law) Charters, Organizations Exempt by the Charter (CM-Comm. Admission to Tennessee State University. In order to prepare our students with the knowledge and skills valued by both employers and postsecondary educators, the Tennessee Department of Education has set two major strategic goals: Pursuant to T.C.A. (Utility districts have a similar oversight board that covers their operations: the Utility Management Review Board, T.C.A. An incoming freshman joining the university in the summer or fall semester; A Tennessee resident, and US citizen or permanent resident By taking the ACT, students can gain valuable information on their readiness for college and career. NOTE 1: Acceptance from Middle Tennessee State University does not guarantee admittance to the Nursing Program—nor does rejection from the Nursing Program nullify acceptance to the University. Which Records are Subject to Public Access? § 49-6-6001, all public school students must participate in a postsecondary readiness assessment such as the ACT or SAT. In the best interests of our students’ futures and the future of our state, we must shift the conversation from “should I attend postsecondary?” to “which postsecondary should I attend?”, Districts can choose to administer the SAT to all eleventh-grade students during a school day at no cost to students and calculate its results into their accountability framework. Planning Commission Approval Required to Close Streets, Effect of Street Closure on Property Owners, Limitations on Expenditures of Utility Revenue, Provisions for Electric, Gas & Other Fuel Systems, Legal Issues for Water and Sewer Operations, Charging Water and Wastewater Customers Fairly, How to Prevent a Failed Construction Project, Summary of a Successful Construction Project, References for Utility Construction - SCORE, Managing Infiltration Inflow in Wastewater Collection Systems, Develop an Infiltration/Inflow Correction Plan, Bill of Rights-Water Quality Control Act Permit, Municipal Employee and Boards Immunity/Liability, Grounds for a Suit Against a Municipality, ‹ Provisions for Electric, Gas & Other Fuel Systems, Required Federal and State Employment Posters, Responsible energy use in Tennessee state parks, Tennessee state recreation plan 2003-2008, County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS), Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership (NCEL), EEO/AA Statement/Non-Discrimination Statement.