True meditation consists in closing the eyes and ears of the mind to all else except the object of one’s devotion. The main principles of Gandhian non violence are respect for other people, understanding, acceptance of the differences of others, appreciating and celebrating diversity, truth and truthfulness, dealing with untruth wherever one finds it, and soaking up pain and agony from any altercation with untruth. Undoubtedly, prayer requires a living faith in God. Ahimsa really means that you may not offend anybody, you may not harbor an uncharitable thought even in connection with one who may consider himself to be your enemy. Bombay-400013 Before we have reached that stage, as we advance towards greater and greater purity, the cravings of the senses will subside in corresponding measure. It may be posited in the case of Truth, because it really includes the other four. The other man is filled with wrath and indignation, and you have made him more angry by matching your violence against his; and when he has done you to death, the rest of his violence is delivered against your charge. Even when we know a proposition, its corollaries have to be worked out. But life is complex. But it is dried up, as soon as it enters upon an existence independent of the ocean. It happened like this. To attain to perfect purity one has to become absolutely passion-free in thought, speech and action; to rise above the opposing currents of love and hatred, attachment and repulsion. Gandhism, an amalgam of Gandhi's views and practices, revolves around ahimsa, the non-violence. — Mahatma Gandhi. If the heart is pure, the grosser impulses of the body will have no scope. I know it is entirely due to God’s grace. Ashram Observances in Action, (1959), pp. It is not my claim that I have always succeeded in converting enemies into friends, but in numerous cases it has been my experience that when the mind is filled with His peace all hatred ceases. Take care of the vital thing and other things will take care of themselves.