Thank you so much Epigenic for the input. If you are advancing a single hero quickl,y, using TCs 1, 2 , and 11 will advance a hero faster than using the corresponding element in TC 5-9. For TC Lvl 2, it takes 2000 ham and a backpack. I have stopped leveling heroes unless I have the mats and they will significantly improve my ability on some aspect of the game. By feeding just once a day I can maximise the number of single colour 10 feeds I do to get those annoying skills levelled. With 100 recruits as the limiting factor using 5-9 consumed 20 sword and 20 backpacks along with 170,000 food to produce 20 heroes, 10 1* and 10 2* a for 6480 XP. Also including an Empires & Puzzles detailed Review of the Top 5 Defensive Heroes. Maybe when I get to the number Zero or Censure have I’ll change to one at a time. Despite that view, this method will work equally as well for just levelling a single hero. 2 years necessary to level up the Hero Academy, they probably already have a good assortment of Legendary 5* heroes and HA adds nothing for them. A full team consists of5 heroes. To go to “battle”, you will need a team of 5 heroes, one for each gem color. Worth a note in any guide as a result, especially if recommending TC19 by the same rationale. Developed by Small Giant Games, Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest is an amazing puzzle adventure MMORPG game where you use your strategies and tactics carefully in order to defeat the enemy or opponents. Thank you and I do appreciate the input. Ok, it has been updated with the corrected information. The theory is that as soon as my TC20’s had then pumped out enough 4*/5* heroes for another rainbow levelling team or I had pulled some from summons I could simply switch back. Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest hack is compatible with the latest version of the Empires & Puzzles … Team building in Empires & Puzzles… With patience, you will get there without wasting your resources. These levels reward you with guaranteed loot of a specified type when completed. However, there is a minor advantage in having partially leveled 4* heroes be maxed in specials for Alliance Wars. A 1* hero will always be a 1* hero, no matter how high they are leveled and ascended. All Rights Reserved. Empires & Puzzles Leveling Guide – The Fastest & Cheapest Ways. The same number of recruits using 12 backpacks, and 42,000 food with TC2 and TC11 will produce 32 heroes; 13 1* off color, 3 1* on color, 13 2* off color, and 3 2* on color for 8944 XP. It also provides a chance to level up their Special Skill. I’ll revise the guide. Was thinking of that too but wasn’t sure how high thnks will try this out for sure, Just noticed, 2* already at lvl 180 so method pretty much void, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Those 6 1* per hour that you produce with TC 1 may cost 9600 ham to generate, but the leveling cost may be over 50,000 more depending on which heroes you train. Then use the other half to use up the trainer heroes that you produce. Leveling and ascending heroes builds their power and creates an overall stronger team for attacking and defending. There are 1, 2, & 3* trainer heroes. Trainer Heroes give a huge XP boost when used in leveling up, and do give an extra 20% xp when used to level up same color hero. The official subreddit for the exciting mobile game "Empires & Puzzles". All heroes shown in the below screen shots are showing at their maximum levels (full power). Empires And Puzzles Guide. You do mention this in the guide but I don’t think it is specifically spelled out for 3* heroes. I disagree with the leveling 5 heros at a time all the time. Some Quests give food, some give recruits, plus Rare Quests have some extremely hard-to-get upgrading materials as the ultimate prize. As game play proceeds, heroes are 'leveled' or 'ascended' to become stronger. Running some rough numbers, 9 farms producing ham at level 13 will generate over 690,000 ham during a 24 our period. The rules are easy to remember (and you can always check the Elemental chart from the upper edge of the screen); Fire is strong against Nature, Nature is strong against Ice and Ice is strong against Fire. At some point usually when you get a decent team of 4* heroes. That is because everyone has different needs – you might prioritize recruits because you have many new heroes that you are leveling, or you might prioritize certain crafting materials because you have been using those items frequently for your titan attacks. Rainbow feeding vs same colour feeding which one? This way the link can be shared with others. However, for most players, by the time they have played the appx. One big drawback is that ascensions often occur very close together meaning you may find yourself waiting a day or so to build up enough food to ascend a lot of heroes at once. The gain of 20% becomes pointless as they will not increase the strength of your bench to warrant the time it takes to get all of them to that level. I will use trainer heroes to do the rest. You have an excellent point. Don’t get scared by a lot text, folks! EMPIRES & PUZZLES: RPG Quest - one of the few creations of the Finnish company Small Giant. Also checkout tutorials, gameplay videos, screenshots, reviews & ratings. A 3" takes me about two days. If I am trying for an event or other epic hero, I could generate excess 3* (and occasional 4* and 5*) heroes. If you have the resources available, that would be the way to go. Every aspect of a hero may be upgraded by either Leveling Up or via Ascension. Load up the TC until half of your ham is gone (400k). Otto’s Risk Method – using enough heroes to get a 16-18% chance of leveling will work well, but so will numerous other strategies. This is most important on 3* heroes. I am a huge believer in levelling 5 heroes at a time, 1 of each colour. For TC Level 5 through 9, you can produce 1 hero per hour either 1* or 2* for a total of 180 or 438 experience at a cost of 8500 ham, 1 backpack and 1 wooden sword. At the same time, Food is used in generous amounts to train new heroes from recruits and to level up your core characters. TITAN MAFIA – An Empires & Puzzles Users Group – Tools and Tips. Small Giant has really raised the bar for Match-3 Puzzle games with Empires & Puzzles.With base-building, levelling Heroes, crafting, PvP, a Guild (Alliance) system, and a variety of game modes, to name a few; other Match-3 games are scrambling to keep up! The alternative method is the most efficient way to handle advancing your Heroes with the best cost. However, one thing that I will do is stop a character a couple levels short, i.e. ... Beginner's Guide from Level Winner. Appropriate level means 6/8 on first ascension levels, 7/8 on second, and 8/8 on last. Guardian Jackyl. One where you just wait until you have 16 to 18% chance of raising power and train the hero of that Element. It just requires patience. Just curious: Does anyone know the percentage chance of a 1* vs 2* showing up for TC lvl 2, 4, or 11? We need to assume that people are leveling either 4* (which may cost 5000+ per recruit) or 5* (which are usually above 8000 per recruit and can go over 12K). Trainer heroes can be equipped to be used in battle, and are already maxed out for levels. You can follow the link to the Google document. The one exception was the green rabbit. Now consider TC level 19 at a cost of 5500 ham and 1 rugged clothes to produce one 1* hero every minute. Solid write up. When you are talking 10K plus food per feeder hero, this difference becomes huge. Here's a quick walkthrough guide, tips and strategy for the Android and iOS Match-3 RPG puzzle game Empires & Puzzles, presented by Small Giant Games. If you want to build a strong hero roaster in Empires & Puzzles you will need a strong stronghold – otherwise you won’t make it far.. by Tim May 24, 2019, 4:17 pm. It should be noted that although leveling does make a hero more powerful, it is not possible to convert any hero into a higher tier hero. These would be our tips, tricks and cheats for Empires & Puzzles: RPQ Quest. Take your time in training them and completing the items you need to level up your heroes. On average, 3.5 mixed 1*/2* recruits will have the same experience gain as the 6 1* recruits. My strategy is to use mana pots to fire off the heroes in italics first, then try to use tornadoes or time stops. Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest is a Match 3/RPG hybrid from Small Giant Games, or as the company calls it, a “fantasy Match 3 game” and an “MMORPG puzzle adventure.” In this Android and iOS game, you will need to prioritize strategy and tactics as you defend your stronghold from enemies, both computer-controlled enemies and human opponents. With the help of your summoned heroes, you’ll fight against various monsters and titans. There are the heroes that you will be aiming to recruit and upgrade to make use of in your Legions. It is expensive, but it really helps advance your heroes quickly. If you want to expand your hero stable in a smart way, here’s your way. I agree with 98% of it and I have a few comments. The game can be divided into 3 parts: puzzle 3 in a row, leveling heroes, building a castle and adjacent buildings. The heroes are very important to your progress and mainly to your legion and troop power. When referring to resource management there is no reason to use 5-9. Let me know what you think. Once you get to TC11 on all three camps you should easily get 60 heroes a day and be able to level a 4* to max in 10 days. Cheating Gladiator Heroes with GameGuardian, How to hack Android games on NO ROOT devices, Bypassing XOR encryption in mobile games with Game Guardian, Camp 1 –  This should be loaded up with 22 hours worth of TC11, no more, no less. You can produce Six 1* per hour which is a total of 180 experience x 6 = 1080 experience at a total cost of 9600 ham and 6 wooden swords. A Mana bonus can significantly increase the power of Empires and Puzzles heroes, and Mana Troops are the best way to get mana bonuses. Getting there takes some effort but it’s worth it. It takes me a little over a week to level a 4* to 4/70. I have hit in the 90k range without using ANY battle items before, though. ... of the 5 heroes in proper positions (left wing, left flank, tank, right flank, right wing) as well the associated class level for each hero 0-20. TC 3 costs 5000 ham, 5 recruits and 1 wooden sword producing 30 1 star heroes per hour for a total of 5400 experience per hour and a total cost of 150,000 ham, 30 wooden swords and 150 recruits. Player Guides. In Rise of Empires you have the option to recruit and collect heroes as you play and progress. You will be able to summon variety of heroes and gather more cards while fighting with the dragons. Light and Dark are a different since they’re strong against each other but weak against thei… In addition for free to play (FTP) Empires & Puzzles players, the Hero Academy might be good, even to level 10 as a chance to get more rare 5* heroes. The savings for the same experience gain using mixed recruits will be 25,000 ham! Farming guide updated March 2020. Providing an Empires & Puzzles Weekly game and Hero Update! I needed the green rabbit for the current challenge and I used all those heroes to do a rapid ascension. Empires & Puzzles Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews. For easy reference in this guide, the hero slots on your team are labeled from 1 to 5, left to right. It can be bypassed with injection of real money into your account, but still the game is about resource management. Of course, it would so I decided to rank up all heroes here in this guide so you see what heroes you should spend all your hard-earned resources and precious time on in Empires and Puzzles. It does take time, but we are playing a game that is based on conservation of resources and using them properly. empires and puzzles guide empires and puzzles guide. Key levels are 1, 2, 4 (until 11 is ... to proceed and battle when I only left with one healer or weak (low level) troops. Each player is given a random starting hero allotment. * - Not maxed yet (current level in parentheses) YELLOW: Drake Fong. Let me know what you think. The one that ascended them one at a time would get weeks more use out of the heroes than waiting for them all to reach max level at about the same time. Using TC level 19 can be tricky though Farming in Empires and Puzzles is always different for each individual. - Nature > Royal > Savage > Nature - Using … Let’s say your costs are 10,000 per hero, so 60,000 for 6 recruits. Here is something I wrote up that may help some. This guide is for the Legendary (Orange) Combat heroes in Rise of Empires. That method is stated as being less efficient than the alternative method. You can work the math from there. So, this little document is all about my latest levelling study, in an effort to maximise feeding without running out of … Censure’s Leveling Guide I recently had opportunity to view Zero’s guide to power leveling and figured that I’d write up some information for those who do not have enormous resources to pour into the game. © 2021. Especially in PVP, it can make a huge difference if you combo hits an enemy who’s at disadvantage – you’ll deal double damage on each hit. Appropriate level means 6/8 on first ascension levels, 7/8 on second, and 8/8 on last. This app calculates some interesting parts of Empires and Puzzles to help you better understand where to invest your resources in, and plan your progress. As an extreme example, a 4* trainer will use 3% of the food as 1* heroes when jumping the same number of XP. Thank you. If you don’t then it doesn’t really matter which way you level them. Faction Rivalries - Each Faction is strong against another Faction. Before I start, I think it should be moved to the “Player Guides” section. One where you use Levels 5 through 9 to focus on a hero of one particular Element, while using feeders of other elements to feed coinciding Heroes of that particular element. Finally, MOAHS makes some excellent points especially about level 2 TC. I know many people struggle with using the right strategy building their stronghold so I wanted to write this guide that will point you out the best way how you should max it out so you can progress as fast as possible. It’s not worth it. They are the strongest heroes in the game. LevelWinner. Without dropping a single dollar in the game. Each summons grants a 1.3% chance for a bonus summons for the Hero of the Month (HotM). Information is provided about feeding heroes, the class system, and how to lock heroes … If I want to avoid having level 50 3* heroes with less than maximum special, start them with 1* heroes only (other than the duplicates as above). Because I have adequate food now, I use 1* heroes as well as 2* heroes to level heroes over 4/30. Better use Empires and Puzzles hack and don’t waste your money. I still level 3* for the beginner challenge. Now you need the materials to level said hero . If two players had the same heroes and they both received a heroes of each color to level. Published July 30, 2019, C.A.T.S Hack – Crash arena turbo stars cheating with GG, GameGuardian tutorial – Shadow Fight 2 cheat, Getting started with NOX emulator and Cheat Engine, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Gems and gold hack, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery unlimited energy, My Talking Tom free gold and diamonds with Lucky Patcher. 5-9 cost 425% to 850% more food, and 1-2 more materials. This was mainly to stop me spending real life money. EMPIRES & PUZZLES: Hero Utility ... As an independent player finding this guide was a relief! Trainer heroes an be won as rare loot, or from a special bundle in the shop. Empires and Puzzles – best leveling guide. You keep pointing to things already included in the guide. This should be your TC19 camp, Camp 2 & 3 – These are also loaded up with 22 hours worth of TC11, Camp 4 – This is your Storage Camp. Hero quality is proclaimed by the number of stars beneath their name and varies from 1* up to 5* (5 being best). Although both of these resources may seem plentiful to begin with, by the time you hit Stronghold level 10, you’ll need hundreds of thousands of pieces of iron to upgrade more buildings, while high-level heroes will require equal amounts of food to continue to evolve… I feed things one at a time to minimize my storage. The map has new Quest levels available every day. 17.7k Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that we published a beginner’s guide for Empires & Puzzles a few months ago, that could be helpful for players who are starting out. It is great to get feedback and I think cooperative effort with more than one set of eyes can only make things better. As long as you have excess ham and rugged clothes, you can produce 60 1* heroes in an hour for a total of 10,800 experience produced in an hour. This is all excellent information. My main aim for this was to allow me to clear my huge backlog of unlevelled heroes with the plan being that as soon as I had maxed everyone I could then switch all 4 of my TC’s to TC20. According to some of the higher level players I’ve spoken with, it’s about 50-50 on 1* vs 2* in those TC levels. There is a fine balance you must have with your ham to be able to use all of those 1* for training once you’ve loaded up the TC, because you can run out of Ham when using the feeders to train your heroes if you are not careful. Great writeup. & why. That’s why there are two different methods listed in the guide. So, I would say that if you have all your camps at or above level 13 then this strategy is viable, The biggest bonus for me is the time saving. You refer to this indirectly when you say to save ham with TC 19. You do mention this in the guide but I don’t think it is specifically spelled out for 3* heroes. Farming Guide - best tips for farm gold, xp, heroes etc.