— Once you've gone picking, we recommend storing apples in the refrigerator, as they ripen much faster at room temperature. Early September You can also freeze apples by slicing them, placing them on baking sheets and freezing them. Fuji apples are large in size with a reddish-pink skin. Purchase over a 100 pounds and pay just $1 per pound. — Red Free apples are medium in size with a red skin. Great for eating and baking! Early August Snow Sweet Apple Juicy, sweet and crisp. — McIntosh apples are small to medium in size with a bright red skin. From August to November you can pick from dozens of varieties of apples at a local orchard. Juicy, sweet and Crisp. Visit Virginia's orchards to pick your own, or find an apple themed festival for ready-to-eat treats! This good flavored peach is medium sized, semi-freestone, colored crimson red over yellow-red with a firm yellow flesh. Late October Pears Juicy. — Take the time this season to visit one of the local Saratoga area apple orchards and see what all the fuss is about. A great eating apple! You'll want to clear an entire afternoon to wander … Early September They are great for eating, baking and applesauce. Although when fruits ripen is not an exact science, our pick-your-own season for apples typically runs from September through October. Usually, early season peaches. Blueberry Pancake Ride The annual Apple Pickin Jubilee is held on the weekends during September and October. Sherwood Orchards. Crimson Crisp Apple Blondee Apple Mid October They are mildly tart and firm. Many our locations are closed on Mondays, so please call ahead. Mid September Early October — — Zestar apples are medium in size with a red over green skin. They are great for eating and cooking. ). Jonagold apples are a cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan varieties. Late October — McIntosh Apple Great for eating and salads. Mid August The Hood River Fruit Loop is a scenic 35-mile loop in the Hood River Valley full of fruit stands, orchards, and vineyards. Gold Rush Apple With light green, juicy skin and a tart taste, they're great for baking and in salads. Mid September Shizuka apples are firm and large with yellow over pink blush. Mid August Its yellow flesh is non-browning, juicy and sweet, good for eating fresh, canning or freezing. If you desire fresh, organic apples, Peck & Bushel promises on their … Freestone: Peaches that can be twisted and will fall off their pit. — Honeycrisp Apple They are crispy and sweet. Viking Apple Many locales only accept cash and it makes transactions quicker and easier. Shizuka Apple Jonagold apples are large in size with a red over green and yellow skin. Once the apples are gone, that’s it until next year. They are great for baking and eating! Viking apples are medium in size with dark red skin. Great for eating! They're large apples that are sweet with a thin skin and great for baking. Golden Delicious apples are medium to large in size with five knobs on the end. Late October It is mild flavored, juicy and sweet with minimal split pits. Great for eating, salads and sauce. Jersey Mac apples are medium in size with a red skin. Keep in mind that fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas, which can cause nearby produce to ripen more quickly and decompose, so you'll want to keep apples away from other ripe produce. From Chicago: 65 miles north. They are great for baking and eating. Juicy and aromatic. Great for eating and cooking! Paula Red apples are medium in size with a red over green skin. Empire Apple Rome Apple Come warm up with a cup of hot huckleberry apple cider or cool down with a creamy huckleberry milkshake. Crunchy and mild. Semi-freestone: Peach that will come off the pit when fully ripe. Sweet. It is a freestone peach and is great for canning. Crispy and mildly tart. Late August This week on the Farm (11/27-29. Evercrisp Apple — We recommend checking out what's in season at Eckert's Belleville, Millstadt, Grafton and Versailles locations by visiting the Eckert’s Crop Update Web page frequently. Typically there are tons of activities included in general admission such as the playground, the giant slide through the mountain, and the only apple tree maze in the state! Orchards generally open in late August and … These heart-shaped apples are bright red, crunchy and mildly sweet in flavor. They are an extremely crisp apple with a sweet – tart flavor. If you are going to can, you will definitely want to wait for the Freestones. They are great for eating and baking. Apples are a huge industry in New York State - we're actually one of the top producers of the fruit in the country! juicy and sweet. Pristine Apple Sweet-tart, crispy and juicy. They are great baking and for eating. The fall season just might be our favorite time of the year, lots of other folks enjoy it, too! Early to Mid July Late August Granny Smith apples are the classic baking apple. They are crispy and sweet tart. Late September This calendar shows the average maturing dates for your favorite apple and fruit varieties. Jonathon Apple Great for eating and salads. Children under 2 can access the fields for free. Here at Eckert's, we've been growing traditional apples and new apple varieties for more than 180 years, with our sixth- and seventh-generation Eckerts running our farms.