It’s sticky to the touch when wet, but smooth when dry. This rapid melt drowned plants quickly and died in the process. Fragment. Soil structure can be classified according to the presence of colloidal soil particles and their interaction with coarser particles. The presence of colloids is moderate and coarse particles are arranged in small clods or aggregates. Massive (heavy clays) Quartz Quartz. Soil has a major influence on water and air movement, biological activity, root growth and seedling emergence. Thanks! Particles smaller than 2 mm in diameter are divided into three broad categories based on size. The vertical cracks result from freezing and thawing and wetting and drying as well as the downward movement of water and roots. Overall, this means that a plant cover on soil builds up the soil structure, while a bare soil without growing plants breaks it down. It’s spongy to the touch and when squeezed, water could be forced out. //